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Can you help with our research into button batteries?

Button batteries or coin batteries can prove very dangerous to small children especially when swallowed. However, it’s not just children’s products that contain button batteries they are used for many common household products.

Can you please check your home if you have any products using button batteries. Button batteries can be in a range of products including bathroom and kitchen scales, thermometers (body temperature and for meat), watches, remote controls, night and reading lights, torches, bicycle and dog lead lights, flameless candles, toys and games, calculators, musical greeting cards

Please let us know in the comments below or send an email to

  • What is the product (type & brand) eg Roche Glucosemeter
  • How easy you can open the battery compartment - do you need a tool like a coin or screw driver to open it or can you just open it with your finger or fingernail?
  • Type of button battery used if you know eg CR2032
  • Where you bought it, if you still remember



Hearing Aids (all makes including Siemens)

  • easy to open
  • finger or fingernail
  • Type 13??
  • Australian Hearing and many others
    (the packaging the batteries come in are easy to access the unused batteries)

ALDI Glass Bathroom Scales

  • Requires a screwdriver
  • CR2032 X 2
  • ALDI about 12 months ago

Computers (many here)

  • Have to remove panel to access motherboard (usually screwdriver but always with some sort of screw or lock system)
  • CR2032 X 1 (in each computer)
  • Various dates from various suppliers

Laptop X 2 (one Toshiba Satellite and the other a ASUS)

  • Difficult to access (multiple screws and panel removals)
  • CR2032 X 1
  • Both purchased this year from Dealer

Kia Cerato 2017 model X 2 Fobs

  • Difficult to access requires screwdriver
  • Not sure of the type but smallish button about 1/2 size of a CR2032
  • Kia dealership Ipswich

Kia Cerato 2012 model X 2 Fobs

  • Similar to above Kia details

Honda Jazz 2005 Model X 2 Fobs

  • Similar to Kia Fobs

Laser Pointer (No brand discernible but think was a Fellowes)

  • Need to unscrew the end cap to get to batteries (4 of them) Somewhat easy.
  • About the same size as the Fob batteries (will get the size when I empty it).
  • Bought it some years ago at a computer equipment wholesaler whose name eludes me

Roll-a-Door auto door opening Fob X 2

  • Batteries under a slip off cover. Fairly easy to access
  • Supplied by Real Estate and not sure if after market ones to replace lost ones.

I will update the list as I search the house.


Remote Control

  • DVD player (Chinese branded one we bought when we lived in China - a rebadged Panasonic)
  • reasonably easy, depress the catch the slide holder releases easily
  • CR2025
  • Yangzhong China

Illuminated LED light

  • Typo brand illuminated LED light (Letter S)
  • Cover has locking screw, difficult to open
  • AG13
  • received as gift

Car Key Fobs

  • Subaru car fob key
  • Cover has locking screw, difficult to open
  • CR1620
  • Subaru dealership in Brisbane

Electronic thermometer

  • Unbranded electronic thermometer
  • Battery cover at the end requires some force to pull off (suspect that it may pop off if it is dropped). The battery itself is held in a metal bracket which requires a pen or other similar implement to push the battery out. Easy to access the battery, but more difficult to release the battery from its holder.
  • AG8
  • can’t remember but would have been a local chemist.

Electronic thermometer

  • Becton Dickinson electron thermometer
  • battery cover screws in and requires coin or screwdriver to remove. Hard to remove.
  • LR41
  • can’t remember but would have been a local chemist.

Luggage scales

  • HGF-Series luggage scales
  • the catch on the battery door is easy to push and remove
  • CR2032
  • received as gift

Kitchen Scales

  • Accurite kitchen scales model 4008W
  • catch on battery cover reasonably easy to use and release cover
  • CR3032
  • received as gift

Toy train

  • Kmart branded toy train with steam train noises
  • Plastic cover locked with screw. Hard to remove
  • Batteries were removed immediately after purchase as we didn’t want risk of the cover door breaking and batteries being released (also if our child didn’t know about the noise it made, there would be no need to continually replace batteries). Difficult to remove but plastic seems brittle and cover may break if damaged/hit.
  • Kmart

Seiko watched (lady’s and men’s)

  • Seiko lady’s and men’s watches
  • Rear cover requires specialised tools to remove. Very difficult to remove.
  • Don’t know
  • Can’t remember

Daiso LED watch
*$2.80 watch from Daiso

  • Back cover of watch is attached with a locking screw. Need screw driver to remove cover.
  • don’t know
  • Daiso

Will add any others if I come across them.


Car fobs for keyless entry of Suzuki GLX Turbo x 2

  • Needs flat bladed screw driver or similar to open
  • CR 2032
  • Super market

Search and Stim acupuncture device.

  • Easy to open
  • CR2032 x 2
  • Online

Hand held Black -Jack trainer

  • Difficult . Has 2 Philips head screws on Batt comp.
  • CR 2032 x2
  • Local supermarket


  • Pocket Calculator, Hewlett Packard 16C
  • Cover not obvious and requires moderate pressure to slide open
  • A76 x3
  • … too long ago


  • Wrist watches - Seiko etc
  • Access difficult, tools required
  • Batteries various, all very small
  • … Various Jewellers, watchmakers

Water filter sink tap

  • Puretec under sink filter and LED water tap, ES1 or ES2
  • Access requires short sharp tool or finger nail to pry open, location concealed
  • CR2032
  • Samford Village Pumps

Seiko wristwatches 1960s - 2000

  • Some open with a coin or screwdriver, others with special tools
  • Various coin-type cells
  • Various secondhand dealers

Nissan smartkey fobs

  • Very difficult to open
  • Coin-type cells
  • Secondhand vehicle import agent

Generic laser pointer

  • Very easy to open
  • Multiple button-type cells
  • Jaycar

Unbranded various toys

  • Screwdriver
  • Various coin-type cells
  • Various

Omron fever thermometers

  • Screwdriver
  • Button-type cells
  • Unknown

Apple Mac Pro computer

  • Specialist knowledge required to access battery on motherboard
  • Coin-type cell
  • Apple

Yongnu SLR time-lapse controller

  • Easy to open
  • CR2032
  • Unknown

Remote control for unbranded LED lights

  • Easy to open
  • CR2032
  • Gift

Weight Watchers bathroom scale.
-CR2032 battery
-open battery cover with finger.

No Name kitchen scales
-2 x CR2032 batteries
-open battery cover with finger

Sony Vaio Fit15E laptop
-unknown battery type
-requires a degree in mechanical engineering

Home Built desktop computer
-CR2032 battery
-requires a small tool to pry battery out of its holder

Honda CRV key fobs x 2
-requires screwdriver and extreme patience


Sharp desktop calculator - need a small screw driver to access battery and a sharp object to prise it out


These are all lithium 2025 or 2032 or hearing aid style…

Remote for my (jailbroken and kodi’d) appletv. Easy to access, but then the remote is so small a kid could almost choke on the remote

Computer motherboards. A non-issue really - hard to access.

Remote for car stereo - easy to access, but I still don’t know why I have a remote in the car … it came with the stereo.

Car key fobs - I had to google how to open the cranky things - kids could choke on the key itself?

Travel alarm clock - hard to get to…

Thankfully he electronic trigger on the air pistol I’m looking at takes AA’s - who knows how dangerous that would be if it took miniature batteries? :wink:


In my Freestyle Brand Glucose Test Strip Machine, bought from local chemist.

Small Kitchen Scales. Use fingernail to remove. Cannot remember buying. It would have been either K-Mart or Target.


SALTER 5kg Aquatronic kitchen scales
2 X CR2032
easily removed cover

Various Cateye bike computers, wireless wheel transmitters
1 X CR2032 in each
Coin to remove

various internal computer batteries, as mentioned by others above


Car Key

Mercedes car fob key
A ‘key’ is needed to open
1 X not sure
JBHi Fi (replacement

Digital caliper
cover is bit hard to find and then open
1 x not sure

Digital level
cover is bit hard to find and then open
1 x not sure

Canon camera
cover is bit hard to open
2 x not sure
B&H (US)

Kitchen scales
cover slides open
1 x not sure
not sure


The small button batteries are ubiquitous. I have just listed what comes to mind.

Bathroom Scales

  • Slide off cover
  • not sure several years ago

Torch/Laser Pointer

  • Unscrew the end to get to 3x batteries.
  • bought out of China


  • Unscrew back plate - not easy to access
  • bought in a variety of stores and on-line

Garage door remote fobs x4

  • Batteries under a slip off cover. Fairly easy to access
  • Received with house and bought on-line

Clip on LED reading light

  • Batteries under a slip off cover. Fairly easy to access
  • can’t remember

Car key remotes

  • glued or screwed access
  • came with vehicle or bought on-line

Electronic clock / thermometer

  • slide off cover
  • bought on-line from China

TENS machine

  • slide off cover
  • old, can’t remember

Calculators various

  • slide off cover
  • old, can’t remember

Car A/V remote controls

  • slide off cover
  • came with equipment

Bicycle lights

  • slide off cover
  • bought from a variety of stores and on-line from China

Digital Caliper

  • slide off cover
  • bought from Aldi

Digital Laser Level

  • slide off cover
  • bought from Bunnings

Kids Toys

  • slide off covers, some screw down
  • bought from everywhere

I’m sure that this is just the tip of the iceberg, as the only time I consciously take notice of what the battery type is is when something stops working.


Sometime, a small magnet will enable an easy removal of a battery.


I think others have pretty much covered the devices in which I have these batteries.

More often it will cause more severe injuries.


In the scheme of things, it is small, but Snark clip on guitar tuner requires a button battery. It slides out easy with no locking mechanism, pop out old battery and pop in new one and push shut.

I’ve gone through a few Snarks because they battery slot has worked loose.

Never gave it that much though until I started taking my guitar to playgroups and little fingers like to touch… as I usually just leave it on my guitar head.

Watch Type Battery Tool required Easy to Open
Exercise Walker 76 yes yes
Pulsar watch 319 yes yes
Concord Watch 321 (SR616SW) SR65 yes No, jeweler required
Pulsar watch 321 (SR616SW) SR65 yes yes
Backlite Digital Clock AG13 / LR44 / 357 yes yes
Laser pointer (+up) AG13 / LR44 / 357 yes yes
Omega clock on stand AG13 / LR44 / 357 yes yes
Longines 364 (SR621W) yes No, jeweler required
Longines SS 364 (SR621W) yes No, jeweler required
MIB 364 (SR621W) yes yes
Mum Seiko 364 (SR621W) yes yes
Seiko 364 (SR621W) yes yes
It Starts with Me 371 no yes
BES clock 377 (SR626SW) no yes
BES MKIII 377 (SR66W) no yes
Gowings clock 377 (SR626SW) no
Liberty Clock AG4 / LR626 / 377 no
Mums round jewel watch 377 (SR626SW) yes yes
Mums square watch 377 (SR626SW) yes yes
Waterford clock 377 (SR626SW) no yes
Longines SS 379 yes No, jeweler required
LR1130 389 or 189 yes yes
Tweezers light no yes
Seiko/Swatch 394 / SR936SW / AG9 / 380 yes yes
Swatch 394 (SR936SW / Seiko) yes yes
Lucien Pickard Round SR927SW (395 / 399) yes yes
TAG SR927SW (395 / 399) yes yes
Spell Checker 2025 no yes
Organiser 2032 no yes
Organiser 2032 no yes
Bicycle computer Norco L1142 (RW84, LR43, D186, AG12, 186, V12GA) yes yes
BATA watch ladies SR716SW yes yes
Casio data bank CR2016 no yes
Cryil Ratel watch Renada 371 (SR920SW) yes yes
Kitchen quartz clock (black) AG12 (LR43) no yes
Longines blackface/diamonds 335 Renata yes No, jeweler required
Mum Citizen watch LR621 or AG1 yes yes
Subaru Liberty remote control CR1620 no yes
Umbrella with torch in handle no yes

I just had an idea regarding improving the safety issues in regard to button batteries falling out of, or being removed out of products by small children.

I have just checked using a fridge magnet and the button batteries will stick to a magnet.

If products which use button batteries, especially childrens; toys, had a small magnet built-in to the bottom of the battery compartment, it would mean that the batteries would not fall out even when the cover was open or removed, and a small child would not be able to pry them out.

It would require the use of a small tool such as a very small screwdriver or a small metal shewer to prise them out, similar to removing the button battery from a computer mainboard.

Perhaps Choice could push for such an idea to be made compulsory?



A good idea. I have also seen holders which have plastic clasps that come up the sides and over the edge of the battery. These can also make battery removal very difficult and often require a small screw driver or something similar to lever them out.

There are also holders like this…

Maybe Choice should recommend a secondary retention device (magnet or gripping clasps) in addition to the lockable (e.g. screw) cover?