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Burns for Blinds roller shutter ridiculous ripoff

I had Burns for blinds over for a quote on 2 roller shutters.
1 for my glass sliding door, 1 for my kitchen window.
No one will believe this. That’s O.k.
After taking measurements, discussed color, type of shutter, type of winder. She finally got down to an offer.
((($6,100))). I sort of sputtered a bit, said, aw. Nah.
So gets on the phone, calls her boss .
Comes finally down to ,after a middle offer of $3,600.
Too ((($2,700))) like, whaaat?
If you are buying roller shutters, please do some home work. I still can’t believe that happened. $2,700 was still to much.
I never called them back.


An interesting experience. I would not have called back but not because of price.


Thank you. I agree. It was a totally ethical decision. Glad I have shared, though it is unbelievable.