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BUPA Pet Insurance gouging ageing dog premiums!

We are choice magazine subscribers and feel we are being gouged on our pet insurance annual increases by Bupa Pet Insurance over the 5 years we have insured our 10 year old Spoodle with them on their Ultimate cover option.

It started off at around $1000 and we expected increases to be in-line with CPI and cover our pet as he got older and developed any conditions.

He has only had mild gingivitis teeth cleaned whilst under and now they have jammed up our annual premium to $2004 as of Jan 2021.

The payments are automatically deducted so they’ve been robbing us blind as they put up premiums as follows:

$1671 last year

$1328.39 year before

$1148.16 year before that

Approx $1000 initially.

We think it’s outrageous they are allowed to do this and not made to comply with a health insurance plan similar to that for humans where to best of my knowledge they can’t do this.

We have already been charged for our recent policy renewal.

I have raised a dispute with them and today all they offered me was a two week refund or a premium $1 higher than last year but we were unaware it was so high either until now and still not happy. I said I want refund of everything over CPI since we joined 5 years ago so it was escalated and remains unresolved. I understand ASIC has ordered some refunds for other stealth charges from Pet plan but this is worse from what I can tell.

Please help us to warn others at least and if there is anything we can do please advise? Our complaint has been escalated buying them another ten days to respond and we are not hopeful of much joy at this stage. Hope someone can help.

Thank you

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Ouch! Much better off putting the money under the bed to cover vet bills.

We had our dog insured with our house insurance with a $1000 excess for something like $100 extra on our premium, but cancelled that last year and put the money away in a box instead.


There are many who take the view that pet insurance is not value for money.

As for keeping a flat premium instead of increasing with age this happens with health insurance because of the government intervention as they want to provide lifetime cover and if premiums went up with age we would have the anomaly that when they became elderly and most needed support too many people would not be able to afford it. Good luck getting government intervention for pet insurance.

If there was a flat premium system the rate would start much higher than it does currently. Be careful what you wish for.


My understanding is that Choice over the years has had serious problems with pet insurance. Whether it is worth it, and in particular exclusions, and I don’t recall Choice recomending any of them.


There are a few topics on Pet Insurance but messy to consolidate because of chronological ordering and the related discussions.

The latest Choice update on Pet Insurance is from Jan 2021.


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