Privacy issues and Woolworths pet insurance PDS

I’ve been with Woolworths pet insurance a number of years now and I have, on occasion, read their PDS, and I’ve never seen this before. Privacy…pages 10-12

This has snuck in at some stage, and seems they are giving my information to businesses and call centres in the Philippines and they specifically say they can’t ensure they won’t breach the Privacy Act. Isn’t the Privacy Act there to protect us? I expect more from Woolworths…an Australian company that is endorsing this.
I guarantee most people would not know this when they take out the policy. I don’t think I should be paying $600+ /year in pet insurance, to then have my private details sold overseas.

Ÿ we may collect your personal information so that we or our related entities or
other third parties with whom we have a relationship can develop or offer you
products and services which we believe may be of interest to you, but will not
do so if you tell us not to by contacting us (our contact details are provided in
this section);
Ÿ where appropriate, we will disclose your information to our related entities
and third parties who provide services to us or on our behalf, including
our Authorised Representatives, distributors or referrers, mailing houses
and marketing companies, insurance reference bureaus, reinsurers, credit
providers, external IT service providers, other insurance providers and
advisers. In the case of claims (or likely claims) it may be disclosed to persons
involved in the claim, veterinary service providers, external claims data
collectors and verifiers. Your personal information may also be disclosed
to the Financial Services Ombudsman Service or other dispute resolution
providers, government bodies, regulators, law enforcement agencies and any
_other parties where required by law; _
Woolworths Pet Insurance
Ÿ your personal information may also be disclosed to some of our service
providers who are located overseas including the Philippines. Details of who
they are may change from time to time. You can contact us for details. In
some cases, we may not be able to take reasonable steps to ensure they do
not breach the Privacy Act and they may not be subject to the same level
of protection or obligations that are offered by the Act. By proceeding to
acquire our services and products you agree that you cannot seek redress
under the Act or against us (to the extent permitted by law) and may not be
able to seek redress overseas

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Ouch, they should be paying you, since they are turning you into a product that they on-sell!

We recently took out pet insurance for our kelpie, it was an optional add-on with our house and contents, for only $57.
The main thing we wanted cover for was snake bite, and I confirmed with them that this was covered before adding it on.

As far as I know Hollard Insurance is the underwriter for your pet insurance. Here is thier take on pet insurance:

“With less than 5% (source:, Paws for thought on pet care costs, 14 April 2013) of the pet population insured, pet insurance presents a significant opportunity for Hollard, PetSure and its respective pet insurance brands.”

They are a Business in South Africa and have no Privacy Policy. Their home website is

Thanks for flagging this @Suzique, I’ll be sure to pass this on to our reviewers.

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I just got my pet insurance renewal for my other dog, which is with Medibank Private. Pretty much identical policy wording with my details heading off to the Philippines onice again. Not happy!