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Bread : What brand / type do you buy?



Let’s delve into the pantry again , or bread basket in this case , to see what our preferences are in the bread department . If you home bake please feel free to leave a comment .

I usually buy Helgas Wholemeal


If we don’t make it we buy Multigrain (Sandwich sliced), any brand except cheapie ones as they tend to go stale fastest and don’t taste as nice. Preferred when buying is from our long time baker.


Thank you for the input .


Local bakery in the mall makes the most amazing sourdough with interesting and tasty variations - including my favourite with black olives. They make other pastries as well, and a visit there, with even just one offspring in tow, can cost me upwards of 50$ - but thats a lot of baked goods. The sourdough is usually around the 6$ mark, quite a decent size loaf.
For ‘cardboard’ bread - the kind woolies or coles sell in a plastic bag from a big factory - Helgas usually. All ‘name brand’ bread that arrives here on the train has been frozen …


Burgen Wholemeal & Seeds, although I tried a "low carb’ option at Aldi which was good as well.


The black olives would be the deal sealer for me .


Anything wholemeal for loaves. Never buy white bread as to us it has no flavour…unless there is no option such as Turkish bread or bread sticks. Don’t know why these aren’t available in wholemeal as we can get wraps, flat bread, etc using wholemeal flour. We are not brand royal and will try a range of different brands for variety. To us the filling is what is more important than the bread as we tend to use highly flavoured healthy fillings rather than the usual jams or spreads.

I remember as a kid really liking malt bread that my parents bought from time to time…but haven’t seen it for donkey years. Wonder if it is still available in Brisbane?


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[/quote] When I was very young I used to stay with my grand parents . The bread man , as I called him , used to deliver freshly baked loaves to the door of their house . I remember the loaves being in a large wicker basket . They would buy the malt bread you wrote of and also a loaf , I believe ,that had molasses or something similar added to flavour it . /

I have not been able to buy those breads in Melbourne for years much to my dismay .


Mostly we make our own with a variable mix of white, wholemeal, rye, soy, amaranth and other flours. This is using a bread machine, life is too short to spend time kneading dough every day or two. On feast days and holy days we have fruit bread that has peel, sultanas, spices etc and fills the house with a different perfume (yum).

Sometimes we buy bags of sliced food from the supermarket that fits our jaffle iron with almost no waste. Such bags are kept in the deep freeze until needed. These make packets of hot lunch with various fillings inside a skin of processed carbohydrate that satisfy hungry children. I would not go so far as to describe the casing material as bread.


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[/quote] Thank you for your input . You seem to put a lot of goodness into the loaves you bake .


We rotate our bread shopping about equally:
Aldi: Bakehouse Light Rye
Coles 7 seed, mixed grain
Bakers delight: Wholemeal country grain, white hi fibre
Woodfrog Bakery: a monthly splurge on a delicious sough dough loaf


Coles make a Sourdough Olive Batard but the olives leave me quite cold.
As I only eat bread as casing to put other filling on, the Coles sliced 85 cent loaf does me but I put it in sandwich bags in the freezer to maintain its freshness.


I do the same with the freezer . Coles everyday price on Helgas bread , which I usually purchase , is $3.30 . Foodworks has it on it’s "specials " cycle for $2.30 so I buy 8-10 loaves at Foodworks and freeze them in freezer bags . Over a year it is quite a substantial saving .


You are lucky to have Foodworks close buy …we are restricted to Coles and Woolies :disappointed:


We are . Once you pick up on their specials cycle you can save quite a lot of money .


At this very moment (yes a later dinner) I’m cooking a lamb shoulder roast with fresh rosemary and roast potatoes with basil - yet all of a sudden I have a hankering for some freshly baked bread after reading that :slight_smile: The aroma of freshly baked bread is really something …


I seek out the bread that competes with the toppings/fillings … don’t deny yourself the same ! :wink:


Thanks @vax2000 - of all the ‘uses’ of this forum, your questions on what people do are interesting and informative and a nice way for everyone to contribute their daily routines in a consumer sense. I’d suggest it is also possibly a source of investigation or test triggers for Choice depending on where the conversation goes …


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[/quote] Thanks for the kind words . I hope by asking these questions it encourages more people to use the forums and become more confident in doing so .


Usual choice is a wholegrain wholemeal loaf. For an occasional treat we like a real sourdough and sometimes a rye.
Not a bread, but my wife adores crumpets, so they get a look in at weekends.