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Bread : What brand / type do you buy?



I too enjoy crumpets - toasted then buttered lightly (optional) and with a very softly fried egg placed upside down on it then punctured so the yolk infuses the crumpet then thin cheese on top snap-grilled and cracked pepper … or just thicker cheddar cheese grilled on top over black olive slices and cracked pepper. Having a crumpet like devonshire tea - jam, whipped cream, is also nice. I eat them rarely - because they seem to conflict with my weight loss agenda :wink:


Helga’s or Abbot’s wholemeal.


I would just say avoid the Aldi Bread.Something i have experienced over a period of time their bread appears to have more water added than normal.Their was one loaf i purchased once that had some much water trying to evaporate from the bag by the time i got it home the bread was actually felt damp.I know i have heard stories about other Aldi products before being watered down so i guess i was not totally surprised…Mighty Soft is my choice not that the main supermarkets will even sell it anymore as they look after their own brands.Personally to me they were the biggest threat to the supermarkets bread.Always a big seller Mighty Soft you can buy it at Independent supermarkets.Or getting a nice fresh loaf from Bakers Delight you can’t go wrong


Looking at the choices from a practical view point, financially they are fairly close together as a whole. The biggest problem seems to be that most people do not recognise that there are really only two main bread manufacturers (Tip Top and Buttercup) who make the majority of the breads that we purchase on a daily/weekly basis (Helga’s & Mighty Soft = Buttercup for instance) and yes, even the store ‘home brand’ types are made by them as well… What? you didn’t think that Coles or Woolies would go out and purchase a bakery just to make their own home brand did you? Perusing somewhere like the local Bakers Delight or independent small baker up the street is generally a better idea overall, after all is said and done they put a heck of a lot less (if any) preservatives in the mix than the big ones do!


I buy Helgas lower carb bread but lately I’ve noticed moisture in the packet and this has led to mouldings very quickly. I don’t see why bread needs to be refrigerated if that’s how the moisture is getting in.


Thanks for the input.


Thanks for the input .


Thanks for the input .


Thanks for the input .


I agree totally, my Grandma’s bread was delivered in a wicker basket with a man with horse & cart. His bread was the very best. And the other exciting memory was beating the neighbors to pick up the manure from the horse for her garden! Maybe that was the difference. :slight_smile:


I buy Helga’s mixed grain. It’s cheap and keeps fresh for quite a while


The whole commercial bread offering is rather depressing IMO, as many of the big brands use non-certified palm oil, or have other bad marks, human rights violations/deforestation, etc against their brand. I prefer to make my own, but over summer it is just too hot to think about using the oven, so we buy Abbotts Village if my wife doesn’t manage to get any at the growers market on Saturday- as there are only a few loaves available there each week.


Yep , I can remember the " Horse Dung Derby " too :grin:


Thanks for your input . Much appreciated .


I often look at the "ingredients " panel on the side of the packaging and wonder what the hell it is doing to our health long term .


Mission wholemeal Pitas, unless I go to Melbourne and can access a really good bakery.


Helga Rye usually, Sourdough sometimes as a treat.


We recently tested 30 supermarket sliced white breads (24 regular, six gluten-free) to see which loaf rises above the rest for both nutrition and taste. :bread:

We also found that of the breads sold in supermarkets, most are owned by just two companies!