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Bissett Magazine Services have ceased trading. Subscribers left in the dark


Hi Mike - Have you received any thing since the Nov items? I received on 14 Nov 2018 and Nothing since… no contact, no money from account and no further items to Complete my SHELBY… fingers crossed you have received something


Hi GRO1252, unfortunately I have not received any deliveries since 24th December 2018. Like you I have had no contact from them. I can also add the AU number they setup constantly has a recording saying they are closed, and emails are not responded to. This is also the case from other sources. Sorry I do not have better news. I’m sure you are as frustrated as I am. I have considered taking this to the media as this has affected a lot of Australians, and left them out of pocket…


Sounds like you’re actually phoning the old number for Bissett Magazines, which is still listed in the partworks issues as the number to contact.

Try using these contact details regarding DeAgostini subscriptions.

TEL: 0283787904

(Note, this will patch you through to the UK via a Sydney based number, so you need to call after 5pm and before 11pm AEST so that someone’s actually in the UK office to answer the call)



Those ARE the contact details being used… I don’t have Facebook, but have heard DeAgostini are also ignoring messages from Australian subscribers, despite those messages showing they have been read.

In an earlier post you said you were aware of someone receiving issues 77 to 80 of R2D2. Was this an Australian subscriber? It seems strange they would be so far ahead of the rest of us who are somewhere between issues 15 and the low 20’s of R2D2.


It was mentioned by an Australian Subscriber and a few who commented on his post, but no one else has mentioned anything. I contacted DeAgostini via the email I posted in my last comment concerning getting a replacement issue for the Millennium Falcon build last week. This is the response I got :

Hi Vince,

Thank you for your email.

I have re-ordered issue 98 for you free of charge.

Unfortunately all DeAgostini accounts including Build the Millennium Falcon have been placed on a temporary hold due to the payment accounts not being set up with the

publishers. Once this has been resolved, the collections will be able to continue as planned.

If you have any more questions or if I can help in any other way please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

Kind regards


Customer Experience Department
Data Base Factory - Unit 4 Pullman Business Park, Ringwood BH24 1HD


Hi Vince, congratulations on actually getting a response from DeAgostini! Maybe it is just R2D2 subscribers they are ignoring, see the comments in this link (also, if you go back a page you will see Australian subscribers talking about which issue they are up to):

It appears those purchasing through Newsagents are also suffering:

R2D2, 100 weekly issues (in a perfect world!), was released in Australia in April or May 2018. It would be highly improbable any subscribers in Australia were up to issue 77 or greater - just saying…


Received an official email from Deagostini this morning regarding where everything is at. They explained the situation and what will happen in the future with payment dates. So looks a lot better.


There’s always the possibility that whoever said they were so far ahead

Any chance you could share the content of that email here for us all to read without giving away your personal details?


Email received from Deagostini UK today (22nd Mar 19).

We would like to thank you for all your support over the last few months since our fulfillment partner in Australia ceased trading.

As you are aware we had no option but to temporarily halt your subscription whilst we appointed a new fulfilment operation and set up all the necessary operational procedures.

We have so far sent out two despatches containing your subscription issues. As yet we have been unable to take payment for these which has resulted in a further delay with deliveries. We now have everything in place for deliveries and payments to continue as normal. We will however be taking two payments shortly, one for each of the despatches received. These will be taken on the 29/03/2019 and the 12/04/2019.

Once these have been received, normal deliveries will resume.

Should you have any concerns or queries, please contact our helpful customer care staff on 02 8378 7904 or email us at

We apologise for the inconvenience this has caused and really do appreciate your continued support of the publication.

Yours sincerely,

DeAgostini Publishing


I have received this email also, and am happy the subscription will be continuing.

However, it would have saved a lot of angst if DeAgostini had communicated directly with their Australian subscribers three months ago via email (they clearly have our details) letting us know what was going on.


Hopefully DeAgostini won’t do the same trick that Eaglemoss did and do a sudden catch up to get you in line with the newsagent copies. Just about broke us when Eaglemoss did that to us. No warning for anyone. I got charged for 18 weeks worth of DeLorean magazines in the space of 2 weeks, a week before Christmas, and they didn’t even have the stock to send out. I got issues here and there. Wasn’t until the middle of February before I finally got everything I’d paid for prior to Christmas.

The Mrs got charged for 12 weeks worth of her Knit & Stitch magazines, also from Eaglemoss, in the space of 2 weeks, with 8 weeks of those being taken from her bank account on Christmas day. Again, they did this even though they had no stock to send us. She’s still waiting on 4 of the issues she paid for on Christmas day and they’ve suspended her account until they can get the missing stock in. They say they’ve suspended it so that we don’t end up paying for more issues while we wait for the old stock. We’d rather pay for it now as it’s due and then wait for it to arrive, because you just know they’re going to have to do another catch-up when they finally remove the block to get her back in line with the newsagents again, although they assure us they won’t be doing that this time. We’ll see.

Meanwhile, Eaglemoss still owe my son 6 fortnightly issue of his Marvel Movie Collection, 2 of which were paid for on the 4th of December. One thing’s for certain. I’ll never be subscribing to any of these publications ever again. It’ll be newsagent copies or nothing if we ever decide to start a new collection.

It’s absolutely pathetic the crap we’re all going through now that the head publishers are in charge of everything.


I was receiving the Star Wars Helmet collection and received up to issue 37 before Bissett discontinued their service.
I received an email from db factory uk on 22nd December advising that my deliveries would resume once the issue was sorted.
A payment of $43.98 was taken from my account by CCA International on 17th January but I have not received anything.
Numerous emails since then requesting an explanation and/or refund have not been answered.


Unfortunately, DeAgostini seem to be the slackest of all the partworks publishers when it comes to sorting out the Australian subscriber mess that Bissett’s left everyone in. One thing’s for sure, and I know I’ve said this before countless times already, I won’t be doing any more new subs. Everything can be via the newsagents or not at all from now on, no matter who publishes the things.


I’m done with these guys. I cant believe the horrid way customers are being treated. I really feel sorry for anyone who is just starting or mid-way through their sub. I had five issues to go to finish, I am now giving up on it as I cant see it every happening.

Because they have taken so long to address this issue and take control of accounts, my magazine I subscribe to has now apparently ended, according to an email I received.

So it is my fault, again apparently, that these issues are now on back order and will probably never be restocked as it is finished.

I sent my last email to Hachette back in January addressing my concerns and asking what on earth is going on.

I got a reply in APRIL, over two months from when I sent the email, simply saying, oh yeah, that magazine’s finished, so we cant send it to you. You’ll have to call me directly and give me your payment over the phone in advance and maybe they will come in, maybe not.

There’s no way I trust any of these guys, so not going to happen. I wish everyone luck in this, I’m letting it go finally, don’t need the stress. I am disgusted that a business like this is allowed to operate.


Looks like Deagostini is back up and running again. New payment was taken out yesterday from my account for the next 4 issues (for me this will be 20-23), so hopefully will see something turn up in the next week. This is after the last two payments were made in accordance with their email a few weeks back. No tracking number from Aust Post, so looks like we just have to wait…


20-23 received today from DeAgostini - as expected. 2 weeks to get to distributor in VIC and then another week to ship via aust post. :slight_smile: