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Bissett Magazine Services have ceased trading. Subscribers left in the dark


Eaglemoss has struck again!!!

My wife gets their Knit & Stitch Creative partworks magazine and is supposed to be charged for 4 issues every 4 weeks. Since Eaglemoss UK took over she’s been charged for 4 issues on the 23rd November, which she has received in the post. A month later she was charged as expected for another 4 issues, which haven’t arrived yet, then 10 days later on the 10th December she was charged for another 4 issues, then yesterday on the 25th (Christmas day, which would have been Christmas Eve Eaglemoss time), they charged her for 8 more issues. So that’s 16 issues, (4 months worth of shipments) in the space of 32 days. AGAIN without warning. And this is on top of the 18 weeks worth of DeLorean issues they charged Australian subscribers for in the space of a week, a week before Christmas.

It’s getting beyond a joke now.


I got told they will be charging me for the marvel movie collection on the 28th… something to look forward to


Good luck receiving them champ. My subscription has turned into a nightmare. I’m missing issue 47, 53, 54 and 55 and a binder. Colghans keep losing the parcels.
No problems with them charging each month, just can’t seem to get what I’m supposed too. I think I’ll give it until the end of January and if it’s no better I’ll just cancel my credit card and get them from the newsagent instead. It just means I’ll miss out on all the special additions but hey… I’m not getting them anyways!


Yeah, I’m due for another payment to come out this week or next week for my son’s Marvel Movie Collection, yet I still haven’t received what I was charged for with the previous two payments, plus there’s a binder missing from the payment before them.


Pretty sure when we get charged by Eaglemoss UK, it’s not because Coghlan is about to send anything to us. It’s because Eaglemoss is about to send everything from their UK mailroom to Coghlan’s who can’t actually post any of it to us until they get it all. This is why it’s taking a month or more before Coghlan gets around to putting anything in the post, if at all, after the payment gets taken.


Well, that was clever of Eaglemoss. They charged me for a binder for the Marvel Movie Collection about 10 weeks ago, decided it needed to be reissued after it failed to turn up, and sent me a DeLorean binder instead. I’d call it all a comedy of errors if it wasn’t becoming beyond a joke with the way they’ve handled Australian subs since taking over the accounts themselves.


That was completely unexpected. After speaking to Zoe via Eaglemoss Collections’ official Facebook page in a private message and having a whinge about the sudden catch up payments we were slugged with for the second time before Christmas was over, she’s going to put credit on our account to cover the remainder of the catch up issues for the wife’s Knit and Stitch subscription as a token of goodwill for not actually warning us about it all and for taking such a huge amount of money off us all at once just before Christmas. So that’s 4 issues that the Mrs will get for free, then all the catch ups are done and dusted with. Sometimes complaining pays off. Apparently we’ll then be caught up completely for the 3 subs we get from them and can expect normal payments to resume in 4 week batches and 6 week batches depending on which sub is due at the time.


Hi all

I finally received a response from Eaglemoss UK apologising and closing my account with them.

“I have had the account closed today for you, I am more than happy to have the missing items all sent out in one order for you. Or anything that you have not received that has passed the 21 day waiting time frame we can refund you accordingly.”

At this stage I’m yet to receive anything and the 21 day waiting period passed for the initial 3 payments some time ago. Additionally the 21 day period has just lapsed for the last 2 payments as well. I will request a refund as currently my bank is out of pocket as they have already credited me back the $479.76 that Eaglemoss had taken out of my account.

I am still at a loss as to how a company can consistantly get it so wrong for so many of its customers.

Just in case anyone is looking for some contact details the emailed response was sent from the following:

Customer Experience Department
Data Base Factory - Unit 4 Pullman Business Park, Ringwood BH24 1HD

Cheers and good luck


This is hopeless. I don’t know how they can constantly get it so wrong either. I’ve received nothing from Hachette after that delivery in October and all my emails just go unanswered now and they never pick up the phone. Being ignored it seems. What I’m worried about is that I’m only 5 issues away from completing my sub. When I look on their UK site, those issues are consistently out of stock. I read some fine print that said if it’s been 6 months since the subscription title ended, they are under no obligation to send you any more issues. This has me a bit worried, even though it is entirely their fault that six months has passed by without completing my sub. Don’t know what to do at this point and preparing to have to just put up with an unfinished collection.


Maybe you could see if your local newsagent can order the final 5 issues for you from their supplier. Some newsagents will, some won’t. If one says no then try another.


All this uncertainty must be a disappointment for so many consumers. I was considering diving into a subscription last year, saw these posts and was left wondering.

The passion for the collections and optimism is still evident - if a little shaky. A steady hand helps apparently?

Many years past we paid for subscriptions for several collector style publications for our children, through the local news agent. Six months in and the supply became unreliable. We had a standing order, but in the end even the agent seemed to have no control or no interest. We only paid cash one issue in advance as I recollect to the agent. Perhaps this explains the lack of interest or more critically the lack of reliability with the importing agent? Once bitten.


The latest from Eaglemoss. Apparently they’ve finally finished stocking Coghlan’s warehouse in Victoria and any outstanding orders should be in the post by next week with a 2 week delivery window after that. It seems that some people will be getting double issues after Eaglemoss UK re-ordered some issues due to them taking such a long time to get to us. Personally, I’m supposedly getting 3 issues sent next week that I already have, which were part of 4 very late issues that they said would be resent a month or so ago, even though I told them they’d now arrived. So that will be some spares to put on eBay I suppose. Not being charged any extra for the things.


We know that it’s not just about the money, but for those hitting a wall here’s some advice on getting a refund:


Well it’s February and I’ve still got nothing. These subscriptions are supposed to be fun and exciting but I feel nothing but frustration and disappointment constantly. I’m sitting here with a half finished set of figures and my brother gets his from the newsagents and recieves them on time every time. Hes like 5 ahead of me now! Eaglemoss=disappointment… :pensive::fu:


I’ve probably said this before, but the problem with Eaglemoss is they’ve decided to handle the accounts themselves from the UK and rely on a third party based in Australia to send the stock out to subscribers. When Eaglemoss UK takes our money then that means they’re ready to ship everything out to Australia from the UK. It then has to go through customs before it makes its way to the Australian distributor who then have to sort it all out, bag it all up and then send the packages out to us, which means by the time we’ve finally got it, it’s 6 weeks or more since we paid for the things. In the meantime, Eaglemoss has happily collected the next batch of payments from us while we’re still waiting on the previous batches to arrive. Apparently I’m due to get about 5 different packages this week that were paid for before Christmas. Hopefully it will be everything they promised would get here by now. When the Australian distributor sends our parcels through the post they get an Australia Post tracking number, but they never pass the information on to us or to Eaglemoss, so it’s just a matter of things get here when they get here.


Yeah I think you’re right about the 6 week thing… received December’s delivery today… approximately 6 weeks after payment…

I’m constantly 2 payments ahead and the week of being 3 payments ahead something shows up


Has anyone received a delivery from DeAgostini in the last two months?


Nothing since Xmas. Looks like they’ve finally put Australia in the too hard basket. I’ve been chatting to other Bissett subscribers on other modeling forums. It’s the same across the board for Deagostini - no parts received. I’d be happy with paying for the whole kit from the UK minus what I have received already. It all seems a bit too difficult for them.


Just as I suspected, thanks for the reply


Someone in one of the build pages on Facebook has just mentioned that they received issues 77 through to 80 of DeAgostini’s R2D2 in the post last Friday. Before that they hadn’t seen any deliveries since December 6, so hopefully you’ll all get a delivery this week if they didn’t show up last week for you.