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Bissett Magazine Services have ceased trading. Subscribers left in the dark


They just told me that my marvel movie collection issue 50,51 got processed 29/11 and 52,53 got processed on the 30/11 and will arrive within 21 days.

My issue 47 got processed 2/11 and hasn’t arrived so they are reordering that.

I’m not exactly comfortable with paying for things weeks in advance and the lack of invoicing and any kind of email telling me things are on the way…

Well any email from anyone in fact… I’m a little tired of chasing them for info after my credit card is randomly charged when ever they feel like…


I’m in exactly the same boat Rustywar. My issue 47 did not come and 50/51 have gone missing. Another charge today for $59.98 plus a transaction fee of $1.80 through NAB.
Maybe issue 47 is out of stock? Who knows?
I wish I could just get them through the newsagent and let them deal with all this rot.
I got excited when they started up again but it looks like it might be hit and miss for a while.
The worst part is because there are bonus items how do I know if I’m due for the next one? My folders are full so I guess at some stage a new one will appear. They need to send out a ‘cheat sheet’ so we know when we are missing something.


Some Eaglemoss subscribers are reporting that the 4 missing issues of Build the Back to the Future Delorean are finally turning up in the post, almost 6 weeks after the last payment was taken and we all only got 2 out of 6 issues sent out.

I’ve also just been charged for 2 more issues of the Marvel Movie collection. So hopefully that means Coghlan will finally get around to sending out the 2 issues and a plinth display stand from last month’s charges. They still owe me a binder that I paid for from 2 months ago. I asked Eaglemoss about getting the tracking numbers sent to subscribers as the packages get sent and they didn’t even know that they had tracking numbers on them. The person I spoke with said they’d have a talk with the team to see if they can organise for Coghlan to send them each tracking number so they can themselves try and sort out what’s going on.

Meanwhile, Eaglemoss can’t even tell me what the Marvel Movie Collection special issues are worth until they process one for us all. Hopefully it will be the same price we’ve already been paying for the things.


Spoke to the Eaglemoss call centre again.

  1. I have cancelled my DC GRAPHIC Novels collection subscription as they don’t know when it is restarting because they still don’t have account details for it. I am going to get them from my newsagent. Unfortunately it means sacrificing the extra 2 Green Lantern premiums.
  2. Legends of Batman 4-9 re-ordered as it was supposed to arrive by last Friday. I was assured that I ‘should have a delivery before Christmas’… should not will. They really can’t guarantee anything.
  3. Marvel Movie Collection - looks like being a multi part delivery. Missing 47 to 52 now.
  4. Game Of Thrones has been the only subscription delivered since September.
    I have had 10 payments totalling $450+ for all subscriptions except DC for 2 GOT deliveries.
    The frustrating saga continues.


My reorder of 47 arrived today… reordered 3rd packaged 7th received 11th of December.

I’m glad it arrived but my 50/51/52 and 53 that got processed 29/30th of November should’ve arrived first… unless of course to get stuff first you must wait a month then reorder so you can actually revive the stuff…

Umm it’s a lottery


I have still not received any further issues form Hachette. Have only received one delivery and that was on the 25th October. Should have had another about three weeks ago, but nothing. Will have to get on the phone with them again it seems.


Thanks so much everyone for this thread! I’ve been fighting it out via email with Eaglemoss and getting nowhere. I received the original ‘Bissett’s bust’ email, and have about 4 from them after that (with at least three from me per one of their emails). I’ve stumbled across this thread googling the phone number I was just sent to see if it was legit or not.

I thought I’d had funds taken from my card in August, but my bank must have refused it as it’s no longer a transaction.

And, for those looking at calling the ‘Sydney’ number, it hasn’t worked before 5pm Brisbane time.


Update: I called the number at 5:01pm on Friday 12/12/18. Sat on hold til 5:23pm- never spoke to a person. I have small kids. I only need 9 more books (I think it’s 2 months worth of issues?) of the Disney Safari collection. Over it. Not worth the time, effort or hassle anymore.


The Sydney number patches you straight through to the UK for the price of a call to Sydney, so the only time you’ll get through due to the time difference is between the hours of 5pm and 11pm AEST, (adjusted for daylight savings for those who live in daylight savings zones). Best way I’ve found to discuss Eaglemoss subscriptions is via a private Facebook message to Zoe who looks after their Facebook page over at She managed to sort a few problems out for me.


We contacted Great Britain.
They said that they were going to continue taking money from our card.
We went further up the chain.
before he would answer
me he asked what i had ordered,We had ordered nothing.
The card has been cancelled and the fraud dept of the bank are investigating


Well that’s a lovely Christmas present for everyone. Eaglemoss UK have managed to take 2 or 3 payments all at once overnight from those of us building the DeLorean. For those of us who had our payment taken on time 2 weeks ago, we’ve had 2 more payments come out which apparently were set into motion by Eaglemoss UK on the 14th December. For those who didn’t get their payment taken out 2 weeks ago, some have woken up to find 3 weeks worth of payments taken out. At almost $120 per payment because we pay for 6 issues at a time (supposedly once every 6 weeks) that’s quite a lot of money to suddenly not have a week before Christmas. Some people didn’t have the funds in their bank accounts and ended up incurring a $10 overdrawn transaction fee for each payment.

I called my bank and the best they can offer is to dispute the transaction on the condition that they cancel my card and issue me with a new one. I’m waiting to hear back from Eaglemoss first to see if they’ll issue an immediate refund. They’re going to be quite inundated with unhappy Australian customers when their phone lines open at 5PM today.


There’s been some speculation that Eaglemoss are simply trying to catch us back up to the newsagents, but if this is the case it would have been nice if they’d warned everyone about it first. Absolutely no one was prepared for this sudden very large drop in their bank balances overnight.


It’s probably true but are you actually receiving anything from them for the money they take out?

All I get is money coming out and nothing delivered for my mmc


Alright, we’re now getting some information coming in from those who’ve managed to speak to Eaglemoss UK about it all via the Facebook pages I’m in.

Apparently, the contract between us and Eaglemoss states that Eaglemoss can charge for extra issues without notice any time they like. This has been a huge catch-up service for us and we should see all of our issues by the beginning of January.

I didn’t actually sign any contracts with Eaglemoss UK though, nor have I seen any.

When I signed on for these builds and collections I had an agreement in place with Bissett Magazine Services and their policy for catch-ups was to include 2 extra issues at the most with each scheduled delivery until the subscriber was caught up to the rest of the country, and this only kicked in after the 4th delivery.

When Eaglemoss took over the accounts I was never presented with any contracts or agreements. The email I received that asked for my credit/debit card details when they discovered they couldn’t access my money via the direct debit agreement I had with Bissett had a link to terms and conditions at the bottom of the page, but this linked to their main web page which also had a terms and conditions link at the bottom of the page. I’ve just read through them and no where does it mention anything about them sending extra issues, let alone them doing it without notice.

for those who were already paying via credit/debit card, Eaglemoss just took the details directly from Bissett’s files and then they just started charging for issues in advance, with no notice or warning that this was about to happen.

I’ve just sent a message to the ACCC to see what they have to say about it all and to see if Eaglemoss UK are breaching any Australian Consumer Laws, so hopefully they’ll get back to me soon with some information.


Hi Guys

New to this thread, but are experiencing all of the above issues. We are up to just short of $500 being withdrawn from account over a period of 30 days. No sign of anything just an ever reducing bank balance. We have now cancelled our card to prevent further deductions and are in the process of completing the necessary documentation with ANZ to cater for the dispute resolution process.

One of the things the bank are asking for is evidence that we have attempted to contact the company, as well as something to identify that we had cancelled our subscription. As far as I’m concerned the company I had an agreement with went into liquidation and nothing has been received for 8 months. Not only has Bissett defaulted in their agreement with me by not supplying anything, but I have also not given Eaglemoss UK authorisation to deduct any funds.

I will use some of the commentary in this thread to support my payment dispute claim and look forward to the response from the ACCC, which I am pretty hopeful will side with the Australian customers.


Karl Stringer


Hopefully you get the right outcome. If not, please let us know and we’ll do our best to assist.


Thanks Brendan.

I’ve sent an email to Eaglemoss UK outlining my concern and have requested a refund. I have also given them 48 hours to respond. This will then form part of my evidence to ANZ to support my payment dispute, so I’m hoping that buy COB Friday I will have a positive outcome.

They are unable to process any further deductions as the card has been closed, but near of $500 out of pocket days before Xmas hasn’t been great at all.



Hi. I have had my payments suspended with until I get these missing issues received. Eaglemoss actually consented to this given the level of problems I have had. I am expecting my Legend of Batman issues to be resolved but not holding my breath.


MMC charges are usually $59.98 per 2 issues including posting. I went through all this with Jake and Joshua @ Eaglemoss and I have a big summary of what’s owed on my pad.
I also subscribe to Legends Of Batman & Game Of Thrones, the latter being 6 issues from the end.


We finally had some joy from the bank. I contacted them to advise that my emailed request had not been responded to in the timeframe I had set. This time the bank person I spoke to quickly arrived at the conclusion that the deductions on my account had been made fraudulently. They have advised that I will be credited the money back with 3-5 working days.

I think it may also depend on the bank worker you get, so if it’s looking like the call is getting too hard it might be a better option to hang up and call back.

Good luck guys