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Many are possibly not aware of the capabilities of ‘real old school’ highly trained shoe repairers as compared to shopping centre kiosk varieties, and prematurely dispose of otherwise comfy serviceable shoes. Furthermore in the hands of the pedestrian repairer having completed his on-line course or a few days training prior to opening for business, some shoes get returned fitting differently than when they went in as a result of the repair.

Many kiosk style repairers do acceptable or even excellent work on the routine job, but in contrast shoe repair tradesman are another standard of service. Manfred’s is my nomination for The Best, and they can do integrated soles (depending on the wear). Not perfect, IME fair, and one of those old line places that has been around for many years for a reason.

I have no relationship with Manfred’s beyond being a customer, and this post follows on from a topic about buying on-line shoes.


That reminded me of the storty about a soldier who returned after WWII and dropped a pair of boots off at a cobbler for repairs after which he left town.

Many years later he happened to return and remembered his boots when he happened to walk past the cobbler’s shop so he went in and asked if his boots were still there.

The cobbler went out the back and returned sometime later and said.

“They’ll be ready next Thursday”.



It would seem that the old fashioned cobblers are a dying breed unfortunately. It once seemed as thought there was a shoe repair shop in every suburb and town. Now the skilled ones are hard to find.

Shoes along with so many other items have generally become a short life span disposable commodity.


Fully agree with you, they are the best ones, in Huntingdale Rd, Huntingdale, Melbourne they have a very good old fashioned shoe repairer.


Northbridge Plaza Sydney has a proper shoe repair shop.:+1:


There are 2 cobblers in Double Bay, one in Pyrmont and one in Leichhardt.

I wonder if they will still be in business after the lockdown?


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