Best Multipurpose Cleaners 2023

Our 2023 surface spray review has arrived! We lab tested 46 spray cleaners (find out how here) and partnered with Shop Ethical to provide environmental ratings.

You can read more about the best and worst performing cleaning sprays here, and find out which cleaning products performed worse than water.

What’s your preferred surface spray?


Olympic Clean, aka Kickass Cleaner (as sold at markets)


Would like to see Water + Vinegar tested as a glass cleaner. Our window manufacturer G James
has a leaflet on cleaning which recommends washing with water and then their recommended cleaning solutions.

Recommended Cleaning Solutions
• A mix of 1 part vinegar to 10 parts clean water, or
• A mix of 1 part isopropyl alcohol to 1 part clean water

I have always used (rain - tank) water, followed by water + vinegar wiped off with a chamois. It has given a good streak free finish and better than other treatments. Cleaning vinegar is very cheap, about $2.50 for 2 litres. The rep told me not to use Windex.


Don’t use/buy premade commercial ones.

If we need to wipe down something, soapy warm water in a bucket/sink and a cleaning cloth (cost estimated to be about $0.05/5L in a bucket) or to sterilise a surface, a weak bleach solution in a spray bottle (cost about $0.01/L).


I make my own multipurpose cleaner which is excellent.

1.5 litres water
300 ml vinegar
60 ml detergent
25 ml eucalyptus oil
6 tsp washing soda


I use KOH - gather it’s only available online. A present from my son & partner. It is clear, has no scent - could be water except that it definitely gets rid of grease. Works really well and I particularly like the fact that it contains no colorants, no scent.


Doesn’t it froth and bubble a lot when you mix it?

There is a related topic.


An alternative is to look for a local supplier of products to hobby soap makers and a like minded community interest group for assistance. It’s worth reading what Choice has to say about using Potassium Hydroxide (chemical formula written KOH) in solution as a cleaner.

Less than 10c of the chemical potassium hydroxide KOH can be used to make one litre of cleaner. I’m not advocating anyone make their own. Like any chemical there are important precautions required for it’s safe storage and handling.


I have used Koh and enjo products.
I find enjo to be great as only use water &/or vinegar and vanilla to clean things. Works well for me ( i have multiple allergies and intolerances). You DO need to be very careful how you clean them. NO conditioner, or won’t work again.
Koh. I found fantastic on stainless steel and gas oven top. Apart from that, not really impressed. What i found hardest to deal with, was had to use it on dry surfaces. This is not always practical for me.
So, instead of just adding another product to my list, have decided to forgo this one.
So. Would i recommend them?
I like that both products do not add scent/smells to my home (vital for my health).
Initial cost of enjo pretty steep.
So yes, if you are happy with what have said so far. As you may be happy with the issues listed.
As for me, have decided not to continue with purchasing them due to cost and how efficient/useful have personally found them.


I use Earthchoice or Bosisto’s multipurpose spray. Both do a good job, don’t have a strong artificial fragrance (couldn’t use Dettol healthy Clean Kitchen because of the awful very strong scent) and are safe for my sealed timber worktops.

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Vinegar is, always effective or eucalyptus oil combined. Anything natural is, always better