August 2021 Food Champions Challenge

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What is your favourite drink with your meals ?

Few of us could go without our morning cup of tea or coffee with our breakfast.

A light meal could be accompanied by an unsweetened cold tea, or a green tea.

A pasta dish may be paired with a sparkling glass of water with a squeeze of lemon.

Other non-alcoholic beverages include Soda, Soft drinks, Fruit juices, Flavoured water, the list is long…

With dinner some may prefer a cold beer, or a little Sake, or a fine glass of Viognier or Pinot Noir…moderate alcohol consumption with food is beneficial to our health…and don’t forget your Campari Apéritif :wink:

for a chance to receive the Food Champions Badge for your profile, please share with us what is your favourite drink with your meals?

Big thank you to all participants of the July challenge, you’ve made it a very interesting one!

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Breakfast is easy - tea. Just a mug or two of ordinary teabag tea usually, but for weekend brunches at home, a pot made with loose leaf black tea with a pinch of lapsang souchong to approximate Russian Caravan.

Lunch - working days: more tea. Pre-Covid, when we used to occasionally visit the Yarra Valley for a cheese or charcuterie platter for lunch, a glass of local Pinot noir.

Dinner: tonic water on working days (I limit alcohol to Fri-Sat-Sun only); on weekends: a glass of wine that complements the food, always preceded by a gin or Campari/Aperol-based long drink or rosé or fino sherry (not all of them!) pre-dinner drink, choice varies depending on the season.



I drink my one cup of coffee before I have breakfast, a Corona before dinner, Scotch and dry after dinner, and numerous glasses of water during the day, but I do not actually drink anything with my meals.

The only exception is when we occassionally go out to lunch and I have an orange juice.


My go-to is Diet Rite Crisp Apple. Nectar of the Gods


I usually drink black tea with my meals . Because i suffer from GORD ( Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease ) I cannot have caffeine so I use Dilmah Decaffeinated Tea bags . Sometimes I brew a pot of tea . I use Tea Life loose leaf decaffeinated tea then .

Occasionally I drink a stubbie of Carlton Zero Beer with meals . I cannot have alcohol due to the meds I take . I find it a very refreshing drink .


Usually Apple Juice with Breakfast, Anything available with Lunch, ALDI or Woolworths brand Coke Zero with dinner occationally replaced by wine.


Typically if I go out to a restaurant or a café for lunch or dinner I will order a lemon lime bitters but when I am at home I stick to water!


Drinking water has many benefits, it is essential for our body to function well, and drinking a glass of water with our meals can be one way to ‘top-up’ our fluid intake :blush:


I mostly drink water with meals. On non-school nights, sometimes have a glass of red and with lunch a cup of tea *especially on a cold day)…but usually water is the drink to complement the meals I have.


How good are the monthly food challenges! Loving them.

I don’t really get hungry until the afternoon so breakfast is a double espresso, that’s an easy one :slight_smile:

For everything else, it’s almost always chilled sparkling water. I like it super carbonated now I’ve found a way to make it affordable Experiences carbonating water with Sodastream


On behalf of the team: thank you,
appreciate your kind words :blush:


At breakfast, a glass of squeezed citrus juice first up, and a flat white espresso after. We live in a proscribed LGA under heavy lockdown, so coffee is now had at home rather than at a cafe near CHOICE.

At lunch, either water or a cup of tea. Occasionally, a milkshake in warmer weather.

At dinner, a glass of red wine or low-alcohol beer a couple of times a week. Otherwise water.


I have a cup of tea with my breakfast, which is after noon on most days because I practise 18:6 intermittent fasting. I have a caffeine-free cup of tea with my dinner to avoid inhibiting my sleep. And, I usually leave the tea bag in the cup so the tea leaves can continue to add flavour, etc. while it’s being drunk. Keeping the tea bag in the cup also helps extend the drink – add water and microwave it – for hours.


Preferred option, or regular option for drink/s with a meal.

Mix and match is the go.
Habit is a cup of tea before and after breakfast, and one to follow lunch.

Mixing sips of tea between mouthfuls of food depends on which food and what type of tea. The two can compliment each other or the tea palette cleanse.
EG white tea and biscuits, cool green tea and bento, thick black bitter coffee and sweet ….

Coffee usually for morning tea only.

With fresh prawns definitely beer or a glass of white wine to suit. And as much as I like a steak and glass of red wine, the budget suggests one or the other. But now that ‘Dry July’ has passed. :mask: Covid August has arrived!


You’ve got your food/drink matching down to a fine art! Love it! :grinning:


That’s easy. Champagne. Goes with any meal any time of the day. Why not celebrate even when there is nothing to specifically celebrate?



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As King Lear said: “Nothing will come out of nothing “

Wonder if you would care to share with us @uptightoutasight your reason for not drinking with your meals?:blush:


Sure! I prefer to have coffee after meals and maybe a pre dinner alcoholic drink as a rule. I don’t eat breakfast and just don’t drink anything with lunch. I guess it is just the way I was brought up.