Artist Guitar's F Body Mandolin

Recently purchased an F Body Mandolin from Artist’s Guitars of Sydney . Is a Model MDF 100 Solid top with pick up . Comes complete with hard case for $399 . Was looking for an F Body Mando for a while now but even the cheapest Eastman , a brand I like, was around $1500 .

Tuned the instrument when it arrived and the tuning and intonation has held for over a month . The quality far out ways its price .
Service was excellent from Artists as per usual . Phoned them from Melbourne late Wednesday afternoon and instrument was delivered to me in Melbourne Friday . Delivery was free with a transport company called aramex . Never heard of them but very efficient . It would have been $27 or $17 if I had chosen Parcel Post from AusPost .

As an instrument it is very playable . Sure it is not a 5 or 6 series Eastman but it does not cost $2000 or $3000 . It suits my playing style and level .


Some would say they have their own place in the Choice Community. Good to hear they can deliver reliably.

Good buying with the Mandolin. :slightly_smiling_face:


Artist Guitars punch way above their weight, often better than “brand” units triple their price


Good to know. I sold my old K.Yairi (a 1975 model) some years ago and regretted it almost immediately even though I wasnt playing it much… and ended up replacing it with a 3/4 Yamaha which is nice enough but doesnt grab me. I had looked at Artist guitars and watched a couple of the videos of the fellow playing the model I was interested in but because it was soooo inexpensive I did not buy. I’ll probably sell the Yamaha soon and will review… again…


Just an update for you Sue . Have been giving the Mando a good work out . There is a blue grass band near me and have been sitting in with them . The instrument sounds great either straight or through an amp . Tuning has stayed tight with minor adjustments . Intonation is spot on . The action height is about where I like it .