Another MyGov scam

SMS from “61432470617”

MyGov: You are eligible to receive a refund of 6,768.91 AUD.
Please click on the link below to submit your refund request
https:// nmygovonlineloginau dot org

Wrong in so many ways… but I guess some might be sucked in


They never stop, never give up, do they :frowning:


refund ⇒ scam :rofl:

Have you reported that domain anywhere?

(I’m getting similar scam messages via email but for a different domain.)



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It’s nice to be given the odd URL/IP address to keep my Low-Orbit Ion Cannon occupied.


Yes, my wife received one of those yesterday. from 0422 161 7430.

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Any time you see a government notice to you with AUD after the number you can assume it is a scam. This one, 6,768.91 AUD should immediately sound warning bells. The Australian or state governments would not have to specify the currency when communicating with someone in Australia. The figure would be simply $… or …dollars.


I am sure the world of international standards does not agree with that. :roll_eyes:

That’s why I like to watch Scammer Payback on youtube. Look him up, you’ll get a laugh.

I just realised there is a perfect comparison (well, almost perfect).


Another MyG0V scam: Just received this text message

MyG0V: Your profile requires urgent attention due to recent system upgrade,
kindly VISIT<censored-by-me> to verify

So, the takeaway for those who may not know.

Legitimate Australian government web addresses always end in “”. This is the bit after the initial double-slash and before the next slash. Don’t click on anything which doesn’t. Look out for disguised web addresses such as “” or similar.

I never click on obfuscated web addresses such as “” ones but there are many others, even if they appear to come from a trusted source. It just isn’t worth it.

And no legitimate organisation ever, ever asks you to log into your bank account, by any means whatever.


As an aside Choice uses links on social media pages.


Some social media sites substitute their own link shorteners automatically. Always good to have a URL extender page bookmarked.


I always just drop into the shell and expand it with wget.

It’s a pity that web browsers don’t offer this functionality directly out-of-the-box.


Nerd alert!


Heh heh!

One more SCAM SMS.

Lots of warning signs, but if one is not quite with it, or unfamiliar with myGov and clicks on the link, who knows where it leads. That there is a link provided should be enough warning no matter what it appears to say.

I only log into myGov by typing the url into the browser. Yes, there is also an App for Apple and Android devices. YMMV. It’s an option for those relying in just a mobile or connected tablet device for all digital connection.

I edited out the end portion of the senders mobile no.
It’s always spoofed and not the real scammer.
Possibly one way to link one of my mobile services to their attempt, if they read this post.


I received one of those, but certainly not for as large an amount. But I knew I was not due for anything back on my medical checks. Maybe catching someone on a small amount leaves the way open to take a much larger amount & strip the bank account.

Another one by email today, from: myGov

You have a new message in your myGov inbox.
You have receive your 2021, 2022 tax update, verify your claims via myGov link: to view

Regards, myGov team.

Do not reply to this email.