Another MyGov scam

The lesson, of course, is never click on a link in an SMS or email even if a friend sent it.

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Received this one today:

Give away is the email address and it went to a business email address which isn’t linked to the ATO/MyGov.

The link goes to the URL on jeremyknox a UK website.


myGov never actually includes a link in any emails - although the ATO has not yet heard of best practice and provides a heap.

Even when advising that I had changed my authentication method, myGov gave me a number to call. No links.


I’ve had this one a couple of times lately, love the note at the end :rofl:

Sign Here: myGov inbox Message : Document 19022024.pdf.-4/1/2024 9:11:43 p.m. Contact - gordon@…com

from (Yea, that looks legit! lol )


You have a new message in your myGov Inbox.
kindly attend to the document to avoid deactivation
( gordon@…com ) on 4/1/2024 9:11:43 p.m.
To view this document use the link below.

Sign in (Edited to remove the bad stuff that takes you to where you don’t want to go!)

Note: This document is placed on high priority which means it is very important.
© 2024 myGov Team.


Not MyGov but the other day I had one addressed to “Dear Costumer”. :joy:


Received this one by email: