Ad block resistant web sites

I have noticed that many web sites are becoming more aggressive in ‘asking’ for ad blockers to be disabled to support them. I tried to ‘help’ a few and the numbers and intrusiveness of the ads was somewhere beyond just breath taking. Ad blockers re-enabled for sanity.

Today one of the US network news sites put up what is effectively a site blocker if it detects an ad blocker. It asks and instructs how to disable it. If you try to by pass it, it puts itself up again.

So much for the internet. Insult us with over the top intrusive advertising or be blocked. I have no problems supporting a few sites and do, and do not mind advertising when it is not over the top in one’s face. How long before they catch on that there is a reason we use ad blockers, and in most cases it is not just to eliminate ads, per se.



I understand the need for ad revenue but I do balance it. If a website I visit regularly offers a good price to remove the ads I’m happy to pay that. (One gaming website I use offers ad free for a one time $2 USD payment). Otherwise I do disable my ad blocker on most websites I use regularly.

The exception is Facebook. Ads are so intrusive and often inappropriate (still no option to disable gambling, political etc. advertising). Plus they’re already selling my data anyway. So they can get lost.


Can i ask which one? I’d like to try the pi-hole on it :wink:


I’ve encountered a few IT sites like this too. It’s like getting repeated paper cuts from ads to see the site, or leave… hmmmm always leave.


Looks nice and clean with the pi-hole :slight_smile:


I’m not having any problems with that one - no ads, no “please disable your ad-blocker”. I’m running Ghostery, uBlock Origin, Adblock and Privacy Badger.

(Overkill? Never :wink: .)

If I do encounter sites that want me to disable my ad-blocker(s) I tend to go elsewhere. Nobody has a monopoly on the Internet.

Have you considered getting off Facebook? I signed up a few years ago, but found it so toxic I left within a month. My account has allegedly been deleted (no, I don’t really trust them), though I am considering creating a fake account just to keep track of decent bargains that I don’t already hear of elsewhere.


Unfortunately it’s never that simple. Being a 22 year old many events I go to are coordinated through Facebook, and it’s incredibly easy to simply wind up cut off from everyone else your age.


SBS OnDemand is another that insists on disabling AdBlock in order to use it. Fortunately if you go to full screen with the player, you don’t have to have annoying ads in view all the time. Sometimes the ads play in program ad breaks (and sometimes the player gets stuck so, you have to watch them 4 or 5 times before you get back to the show!) but quite often it just skips the ads… who knows what is going on there.

Lucky you.
Some clown set up a page in my name a few years ago, just so he could post his rather crappy photo of a comet I discovered. However, I refused to supply the mass of private info farcebook HQ wanted from me in order to remove it, so it is still there.

It will never happen, but if I did have a serious brain fade and decided to join, it would have to be in a different name.


Not having any problems with the NBC site with my add blocker on . Just asked me to help support the site by turning my add blocker off . Dismissed the request and accessed the site . As I went from story to story the Add Blocker certainly notched up a few hits .

With it turned off it would be a "pop up Paradise " add wise .


Hours later I tried NBC again and it is no longer looping in the ad blocker. Since I did not reboot the PC or do anything else in the interim it seems to have been (be?) on their side.


I thought that too - then ‘the Internet’ went public and the monopoly went to the lowest common denominator opinion. Interesting how technology can march forward while ‘we collectively’ seem to be returning to the intellectual ice age … but I digress …


tpeter267 if you have to use Facebook, try Fluff Busting Purity to clean up and customize Facebook for you. It is free and you can set it up to alter your view of Facebook to only display things that are relevant to you. It is a browser extension.

Fluff Busting Purity

Fluff Busting Purity, or FB Purity for short is a web browser extension designed to customise the Facebook website’s user interface and add extra functionality. Developed by Steve Fernandez, a UK-based programmer, it was first released in 2009 as a Greasemonkey script, as donationware. It is available for Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Opera and the Maxthon Cloud Browser.Wikipedia

Developer(s):Steve Fernandez
Initial release:2009
Written in:JavaScript, CSS

I have used it for years and will not look at Facebook without it.

Cheers Natalie :wink:


Thanks for the tip! I’m constantly looking for better extensions to deal with the deluge of changes Facebook implements.


Yup, Natalie (njfking) is right - fbpurity is the go. Couldn’t tolerate Facebook without it.


Couldn’t tolerate Facebook with it :wink: .


I have mine on all the time it does not effect the working of Facebook.Hate to think what it’s like now the numbers i chalk up can be huge lol


I find advertising badly affects me, probably due to having ADHD. I could not use many sites without an ad blocker. I will probably set up PiHole on my network at home. Sometimes, I’m tempted to make a portable ad blocking server with its own SIM card to keep in my bag and feed all my portable devices through it. That’s a drastic and nerdy solution but nearly worth it, I suspect.

For Facebook, I use normal ad blockers as well as Social Fixer, which is similar to FB Purity (which I have not tried). Every year, I send the creator 5 bucks so he can take the kids somewhere for christmas (assuming others also do the same).


:+1: couldn’t live without it. I’m the same, without the H, well mostly :wink: Been using one for a long time now - a pi2 is well enough for it, I save my pi3’s for kodi and redundant nas - they power a 4tb traveller well …


I’ve been using fbpurity for years on facebook but that only covers the computer. on tablets, something else is needed. I have some safari adblockers but none of them are 100% effective. A blocker on iOS/Android which can be extremely effective is weblock which covers not only safari, but all other apps as well. It uses a proxy to dispense with them and if you can be bothered spending the time, is extremely effective. It does take a lot of setup time though. Comes with a truckload of ad URLs already blocked by default, plus options for others, as well as sites and nasties like facebook cookies which are persistent and intrusive because even if you dont belong to facebook, they still track you. Theres a whitelist option as well, for those sites you may wish to allow ads on.