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Ad block resistant web sites

You go to ttps:// :wink:


I have had a quick glance at the company’s privacy policy and the permissions the Android app requests, and am not entirely convinced that Weblock is a safe choice. It only works via your WiFi for Android, and it appears from some reviews that Apple’s recent security policy changes may also affect its ability to operate on iOS. Additionally, it is free on Android - and if you’re not paying then you’re not the customer.

The company appears to be Polish, although the apparent site owner has not listed it as part of his major app development company’s portfolio.


I only use one extension to block advertisements…I wonder if anyone has tried using multiple apps/extensions to try and achieve a higher ‘kill’ of intrusive advertisements?

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touché! - I never did understand why the text should be ‘hyper’ - and what the protocol might do with lethargic text … explains why I always feel stressed at work, all a bit much really …

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I use four extensions that are privacy/ad-block focused. There was a time when two would clash as I first fired up the browser, but that was the only problem I have ever encountered and it has since been fixed.

The reason I use multiple extensions is that they complement one another - and don’t appear to slow my traffic at all (in fact, I understand that web block users generally get much faster page loads, as they’re not loading unwanted junk).


Works fine here. I’m not especially concerned about the potential privacy issues… I think we are all more exposed by facebook cookies and google anything, which arent even potentials. I’ve never had any spam as a result of running Weblock, and my passwords have only ever been compromised because of my own failure to be more vigilant.

Sometimes it gets funny.

In response to this

I disabled my ad blocker, and the first ad to pop up was (drum roll)