About the SpotAShonky category


Welcome to SpotAShonky!

Have you come across a Shonky product or service? Share your Shonky submissions here for attention from CHOICE so that we can expose, uncover and fight against dodgy, ridiculous or unfair products and services. Keep and eye out for SpotAShonky competitions and the special Shonky Spotter badge that you can earn for entering a Shonky.

For more, see the Shonkys hall of shame.


What’s the category or topic for the opposite? That is products or brands or companies that go above and beyond consumer’s expectations?

I’ve browsed and searched a while and am quite technically savvy but haven’t found it.

There was a more specific award for Good Business (particularly during the 2020 COVID-19 height). It may still exist but here is a page on the main CHOICE site

There is also a topic on this site more specifically about those businesses who were seen to shine during COVID by members of the Community