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I received an email supposedly from The Good Guys saying that I had won an iPhone 7. It started with a number of questions about what colour I wanted the iPhone, what memory etc. I moved along with the questions and I was pretty sure it was a scam. I think the last question was waiting for an answer but I noticed a little window saying that I would be subscribing to Biquamo Game (3x$6.60/wk +$6.60join, 25c/message sent. That’s where I stopped. It was a scam to join this Game group not win an iPhone. I contacted the Good Guys who disowned the message and asked me for details. On re-checking the site I noticed that the elements of the message (letterhead etc.) appeared to be just images snapped off the screen of a genuine Good Guys site.


Well I tried to report this to ACCC, but their required fields are so explicit and restrictive, I couldn’t do it. So I will share here.
I was searching for something online, suddenly a survey about Google Chrome appeared. After answering that, an offer came up for a new iPhone 12, for $1.50. It had the Amazon banner, the seller’s address was amazingwow24.com. Scrolling down, I found that a 3 month subscription of “79,00$” would be automatically deducted. After filling in my address, I was transferred to a genuine payment site, with the lock in the website address.
And that is all the information I have.

I didn’t go ahead with the payment, I was attempting to get information to report to ACCC.
However ACCC requires scammers email address, blah blah blah - apparently just ripping people off isn’t enough evidence. As they don’t actually act on the information received, I would have thought this is enough to alert people to the fakery that is used. Hope this pic will show:


I want to start a new topic about a Medicare covid scam I have been subjected to. How do I start a new topic? I only seem to be able to reply to existing topics and cannot find one suitable.