$350 “anti-5G” device

Side effects include causing glitches in the Matrix :lemon:


I think it was P T Barnum who said " There is a sucker born every minute ."


The downside is that while it immunises people against deadly 5G, it causes autism … :wink:


Perhaps, although those with autism may not see the same humour as others in linking their life opportunities with a group less able to distinguish good science from snake oil. ???


The reference to immunisation links anti-vaxxers not people with autism, though that may have been a little obscure. My experience and interaction with numerous people with said condition is they typically display a better sense of humour than most - something in short supply these days :wink:


Half an hour ago I was agreeing with the very intelligent observer who said “There is no way I’m buying this thing until I hear what Gwyneth Paltrow’s opinion is on this…”

Since then Gwenny sent me this message through my spirit guide Kwamaii who appeared to plagiarise the vendor’s website quoting:

In our civilization is emerging new science based on knowledge, whereas the official (old) science is based on information. We get information through our senses which are dual and deliver us an inverted picture of the truth and consequently, information is the opposite of knowledge so that all the old scientific concepts are therefore the upside down of the true concepts.

Clearly anybody who squeezes his snake that much must know a thing or two about how to get oil out of it.


They forgot to mention that it will also undoubtedly keep coronavirus away.


This one also says it will protect everything within 90m of its installation…

The force-field (or black hole) it creates must use a significant amount of (scalar) energy to create…and possible the same type of energy or even more than one would experience from 5G.


If these charlatans keep producing these shonky products, then snakes will become critically endangered or extinct.


When talking about climate change on ‘Home Delivery’, Dr Karl Kruszelnicki said: He stopped trying to convince people they were wrong because it didn’t work. He just listentened to what they had to say. Invariably, the different viewpoint came down to them having watched a particular Youtube clip.

It is the same here. The 5G harm advocates believe, and won’t be convinced otherwise. (I have tried.) They will definitely feel better having bought the device. :roll_eyes:


It will be interesting to see if they buy 5G devices for personal use. What happens if their employer gets them as a work tool?

I wonder if they will rely on peusdoscience devices like those above…or even 5G blocking paint to provide them with the peusdo-protection they seek.


A mate explained it to me. They believe 5G is a problem because ‘they said so’ and buy the device. Before turning on the device they are convinced they are exposed and bad things are happening, but after turning it on 5G is no longer a problem because no sensors can detect anything out of the ordinary and they don’t immediately get COVID-19 and life goes on. The device must work, right? :roll_eyes:


True, attitudes gained by non-rational means will not be changed by any amount of rationality. That is not the reason to continue, those who have not made up their minds need to hear the evidence-based story.


An important thing to remember when deciding whether to debate proponents of this sort of nonesense is that you’re never going to convince them (to argue with a fool is just two fools aruging). However, you may be able to sway onlookers who are on the fence, but nowhere near as passionate (same goes with debating any zealot or idealogue on religion, politics etc). Target your message towards them and not the person espousing the benefits of their $350 flash drive and you might have some positive effect.


I have bought one and find it does work. I have not been affected by 5G at all.

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Yup that’s like Tiger Balm, you rub it on and it keeps away tigers. “But there are no tigers here” you say. That shows how well it works.


Do you have a dual band Wi-Fi router? If it still works, then your device is not stopping 5G

Please see Choice’s information on 5G here.



Yes, it works for me.
I’ve given up debating those of our 22 neighbours who open with the line, all snakes are brown snakes and the only good snake is a dead snake. Despite our laws requiring citizens to act otherwise. I work on the positives of snakes keeping the rats and mice under control, that several eat the small toads successfully, the pythons keep the starlings from the rafters, and that the neighbours chooks are too fat to be supper. Invisible and Irrational fears.

5G is no different a debate. Commercial benefits ignored. Legally licensed it is here to stay until superseded. Fortunately we live at the limit of the local 3/4G services. That discussion is unlikely to be necessary for some time.


I carry an 8Mb USB stick around for personal 5G protection, so no need for whole of house protection offered by the 128MB stick. So far I remain completely unaffected by 5G, so it must work. I recommend people save themselves at least $340 and avail themselves of the personal shielding afforded by the lower capacity protection units, often available at a discount :wink:


I routinely carry a 16GB stick around…I expect this protect not only myself, but my other half as well. A bit like an umbrella for two.