Zero Gravity Sleep Position Benifits and other adjustable bed claims

My wife suffers with back pain and whilst looking at sleeping options we have been looking at adjustable beds. One of the big claims is how the zero gravity sleep position can relieve pressure on your spine etc. The only research I can seem to find is from bed manufactures. The beds can cost around $10,000 but do they actually help?


Hi Wayne

I was interested, because I was told the same by my Occupational Therapist. I was told that the reason it helps is that it straightens the spine out and reduces pressure on the back.

I did a quick search using google scholar to see if there is any scientific evidence to support the ‘astronaut’ or ‘zero gravity’ (or numerous other names) posture. - I couldn’t find any.

There are studies on providing spinal support to the contours of the body, showing benefits to sleep, but nothing that I could see in relation to relieving back pain.

The lack of research doesn’t mean that that posture doesn’t work; I know that when I have used that posture it helps me with my back pain. The only way to see if this posture helps is for your wife to try it out on an adjustable bed.

This is way too much to pay. If you are considering buying one, go to the specialist stores that carry them, don’t buy from the run of the mill furniture/mattress stores. To find the specialist stores near you, use your search engine (eg Google) and put in “adjustable beds” and your location. Have a look at the map and find stores near you. Go to several stores because the seem to stock and supply different lines.

Then, test the beds out in the stores. Have your wife lie on them for as long as she can and test the different adjustments.

Ask about warranty. The warranties can should be no less than 10 years.

There are beds made in China which seem very good, but they are not well manufactured and don’t last as well. Trying to get them repaired is difficult. Beds made in NZ are good, but the Australian made beds are apparently more robust, have a longer warranty, and are easier to repair if anything goes wrong I am told.

Hope that helps.