Youi Caravan Insurance

We have a Caravan and looking for a new insurance company to see who
has the better deal.
We rang Youi and ask for a quote and they were $800 more (80% More) than the average quotes
I though that this was a error and contact them and yes, that was the right price.
Caravan was chained up, has security alarm and not used in storage.
Hate to see the price if I was using it.

Has anyone else received outrages quotes from them

I had a previous vehicle insured with YOUI, as they were the cheapest for me (~4yrs ago).

I can’t stand the fact that they need to contact you for a price (after you have to give most details online, then confirm all details again on the phone). Do they think that they will have more people agree to their quote if they’re on the phone?

I was looking for new insurance quotes a few weeks back. The quotes were around $450-600, YOUI’s quote was for $1700 (also included roadside cover). Needless to say, I declined the quote on the phone, and they did call back a few times to ask if I’d like to take up their quote.

I don’t bother getting online quotes from Youi anymore, as I find it annoying that they then contact me by phone, when I am only enquiring about a quote.
When I got our van Insurance I contacted CIL and NRMA. Both policies similar. I liked the fact that if illness happens on a trip, they would ensure that the van gets home.

Youi, isn’t that the insurance company that advises you to lock your car in the garage and don’t use it. For doing this they will charge you more than other insurance companies. I’ve been insuring my caravan for years and CIL are far and away the cheapest and the best, better than the RAA with who I have all my other insurance.

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I don’t even bother obtaining an online quote from Youi anymore, as they phone you when doing so. Yes I agree that CIL is a good caravan insurer, and found the same product with NRMA. As I had my car insured with NRMA I decided to go with them. I wanted cover in case my husband took ill and could not drive the van home, as I would not want to be put in the position of driving the with the van in tow. It is all about peace of mind.


I just purchased car insurance and one of the quotes I got was from youi - $900 more than the other two quotes I got. Crazy when you think about it. Compared to the other quotes, the salesperson was putting on a very hard sell. She didn’t have much to say when I told her how uncompetitive the youi quote was though.


As I’ve previously posted, I don’t bother getting quotes from Youi as they phone you even when I just wanted to compare quotes with other companies. We have gone with NRMA on our van and do get a Loyalty Discount as we have out Pajero insured with them as well. I’ve just received our Renewal on the van and thought that I’d get a quote from CIL as they compare favourably with NRMA. OMG! They were so much more expensive! Keeping with NRMA.

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Is this the company that advertises that if put your car in the shed and leave it there we will insure it for you then you can get a discount off a McDonalds or a cheap movie ticket.

Youi has its own rewards program, but so do some other insurers such as AAMI.

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