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Xmas Pudding Taste Test

An article regarding a Xmas pudding taste test by Choice.

And the actual Choice test.


Plus a little video in case anyone is interested :santa:


The amateur pudding test results** are in. We’ve tasted and stocked up for the winter pudding season.

equal first

  • Pudding Lady Traditional Christmas pudding ($47/kg, Choice’s No 2)
  • Stephen’s Traditional Rich Christmas pudding ($45/kg)

close second

  • David Jones. ($43.3/kg) Great pudding, but a touch sweeter & only a few dollars less than the leaders.

excellent value (remove the sickly syrup first)

  • Aldi Specially Selected Luxury Golden Champagne Pudding. ($12.2/kg, Choice’s No 1). All tasters considered the syrup made this sickly sweet. Leave it off and it was a very good pudding. Excellent value, but not preferred over others.


  • Coles Christmas pudding ($5.7/kg, Choice No’s 3). All testers wondered whether we or Choice had a different product by mistake. Too cake like & just not a likeable pudding. Nobody wanted the leftovers - possibly binned.

** Note: Completely unscientific. No taste notes or sub-scores. Just what the tasters liked, or didn’t. Four tasters, gender balanced. Two sessions. (1: Stephen’s, Aldi, Coles; 2: Stephen’s, Pudding Lady, David Jones).



Pudding Lady

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75% off - Just noticed the DJ’s link has the pudding online price reduced from $34.95 down to $8.73.
Better than an Aldi pudding price.
Our after xmas puddings were all purchased at various discounts. :slight_smile:


We bought a Coles Finest xmas pudding marked down and it was the richest one I have ever tasted .

My wife love it and ate the rest, even without the gold sprinkles.

I don’t buy Christmas pudding as I prefer to do my own indulgences and make them rather lighter but at some $45 a kilo you are paying too much for convenience given these are mass produced and have a fair shelf life.

Considering how easy they are to make pre-packaged puddings are definitely in the luxury part of the market when you pay $21 per kilo for secular steamed pudding, $11 for jelly and $7.50 for cooked rice.

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Possibly will have to submit our family’s home made one to the next taste test, as long as we have a spare one :smile: Just will need a few weeks notice so we know when to make it by lol