XBox Live Account Security Vulnerabilities

Xbox live and the Sony PS4 Live play accounts seem to be a popular target for hackers and exploiters . The below link shows some of the vulnerabilities to be found for those who have an Xbox live account .


Is there nothing that is reasonably safe anymore?


About 20 years ago Gordon Bell was talking about the internet of things where fridges, washing machines, and other appliances were getting ‘connected’. He commented that the fridge would be able to keep track of what you put in and took out and automatically reorder staples or anything else, as they got depleted. Well enough. The fridge could ‘talk’ to the washing machine and toaster, but what would they have to talk about?

At the time he saw the internet as wondrous and ‘all good’ but if you find your fridge has been talking to your toaster, and the toaster gets close to you and turns on, run!