WWW.nano4life.com.au My experience so far

We found this product at a commercial show for home products. It purports to make cleaning of tiles, grout, glass and virtually any surface, easy and protect against fungi growth in the grout.

We bought some Nano4-Glass-Ceramic, with it’s pre-clean and some Nano4-Grout. We were told that the ceramic/glass was sufficient to do the whole shower, including 2 or 3 coats around the lower parts of the walls.

We had experienced fungi growing in the grout of our shower that proved impossible to clean. When we moved to a new building, we took the opportunity to, hopefully, prevent this happening. We were able to treat the shower a few days before moving in.

Our experience using the products was not good. The little pump bottles they were in were very hard to use; there are other cheap pump bottles available that would have been far superior. The Glass/Ceramic product was supposed to be suffient for the whole shower, including coating the lower parts of the walls and glass door and screen 2 or 3 times. It ran out after coating 2 walls and the glass, once only.

The Nano4-Grout was plentiful to do all the grout and more, with the required 2 coats.

After only 5 weeks, we don’t know yet if the product will be effective against fungi growth. We hope that that at least will work. We were not game to fork out another $100 for extra Nano4-Glass-Ceramic, and were glad we did not, because cleaning the glass and tiles does not seem to be any easier than usual, on the 3 walls we treated.

Has anyone else experienced how hard it is to apply this product and had long enough to find out if it is effective?

The name does not mean it lasts a lifetime, it is stated to last 8 years, or 5 years in Australia, because of the harsh sun!


Thanks @rmg.s. Look forward to hearing if others have had similar experiences with Nano4life