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World Markets. Yet Another "Investment" Scam?

I saw an ad on MSN today titled “See How Aussies Are Beating The Markets With AI Trading” from World Markets which immediately seemed like a scam.

Clicking on it lead to this website.

Wow. Over 20% ROI every month and over 100% ROI in the past quarter.

That works out to be some 240% ROI per annum, or if you let your “dividends” ride, then over 890% per annum.or almost 8,000% in just 2 years.

How easy is that? Where do I sign?

But a quick Google search of World Markets and revealed some concerning details.

Smells very much like the disgusting Bitcoin Scams.


I just did some calculations on this scam with the following results.

A $1,000 “investment” after taking the “profits” each month see a total "return: of $24,000 over 10 years.

Letting the “profits” ride would result in a $1,000 “investment” growing to over $3 trillion in 10 years, more than double the Australian GDP.

I am amazed that these scammers are so generously sharing this nice little earner instead of keeping it all to themselves

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If they kept it to themselves how do we expect them to rip the unwary off…Yes in reality I do wish they would keep it to themselves and just rip themselves off, sadly they don’t and those less well financially aware get badly burnt.

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