Woolworths rip off

Woolworths are charging $8 more a packet for Rothmans 30 gold cigs. than Coles. I suggest customers avoid buying cigs. from Woolworths or compare prices before buying from Woolworths.
Woolworths are taking advantage of smokers and our regulators should be informed I am a non-smoker

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Welcome to the community @more

Smokers are free to avoid Woolies and buy their cigs wherever they wish. There is no regulation of prices save for collusion or illegal retail price maintenance schemes.

Shopping around is always the best advice regardless of what one is about to purchase.

We drink wine. A particular ‘Coles winery’ bottle is usually $9.50 at FirstChoice and $20 at Liquorland. It is Coles right to price it accordingly for the two markets, FirstChoice being their attempt to attract ‘value buyers’ and Liqourland ‘convenience buyers’. I am not aware of any non-wine drinker taking umbrage on my behalf. There is a similar pricing disparity between Dan Murphy and BWS in the Woolworths group.

Whether you agree or not, it is the market working and this is not an issue for regulators re pricing. FWIW sometimes prices are high to discourage customers. Some feel that cigs should cost much more than they do for various reasons, but that is another topic.

Are all the cigs similarly priced differently, or does one offer a special and the other not from time to time? Could you clarify your motivation for concern on how much smokers might pay at Woolies compared to Coles?