Woolworths Rewards offers - check that your points are added

I often receive via email special offers for extra points from Woolworths Rewards which I then activate. However, I few times the points haven’t been added to my account within the specified time. I have contacted them via Chat and the points have then been added.
I am just warning people on the Rewards programme to check their account regularly, especially after receiving special offers - I was missing 7600 points recently. I keep my email offers and receipts until they have been added just in case I need proof though I never have.


This has happened to me as well. I opt for my Woolies points to be converted to QFF points and have had to contact them because the points haven’t been added. I, too, keep the reward notification until the points are there to remind myself. The first time this happened, I had to contact them via phone. Second time I sent an email with no response. I used the chat thingo and the points were added. It’s so annoying!

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I’m literally chatting to Woolies now about this. It’s happened to me a few times, it’s so dodgy. You have to watch them like a hawk. It seems to be most likely to happen with the high point redemptions - the current offer I’m enquiring about was 1000 points per item.

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I get my converted to QFF points too. I sent an email but after not receiving a response after a week, used the chat. A few days later I had a response to my email, so chat is obviously the way to go!

Yes, it was a few of those 1000 points I was missing plus another offer. Good luck!

Resurrecting this old thread, Woolies rewards ‘boosts’ ‘accounting’ seems sus.

We routinely receive ‘boost’ offers, always enable them but don’t always take them up, but tried to reconcile a few ‘boosted’ purchases earlier in the month and the rewards statement makes no sense towards reconciliation. It appears some points were added but most were not. The partner has the same problem.

Their form for claiming missing points seems only for docket points, not boost points that makes resolution or explanation harder than it needs to be. A chat about missing bonus points took about 30 minutes; I persevered to see how it would go. How many would consider it not worth the time or effort? The chat agent seemed to be handling 4-5 chats at a time based on her response time. The missing points were claimed to be a ‘technical problem’. Let’s not go there, they seem to have recurring technical problems. At the end the agent graciously ‘offered’ to manually add the points if I accepted that. The last wording was very strange spinning it as an ‘offer’ to do what should have just happened per the promotional T&C.

Summary: as per the topic title, ‘check that your points are added’ noting Woolies makes it all but impossible to reconcile them if they don’t add as one expects them to.


I always check and haven’t had any problems recently.

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Its like the 10% off your shop, if you also have a mobile account with them. Never happened for me.

I posted this under another topic last month.

However, when I spent around $50 at our local Woollies this month, a “do you want to take 10% off this shop” appeared on the self service terminal, which I accepted.

I have neither a Woollies mobile nor their phone app.


TBH I don’t much care, I dont use the points anyway. I liked it better when it gave you 10% off your prepaid mobile fee, but they stopped that.

Woolies Rewards “Boost” points are horribly unaccountable.
It often takes weeks for points to be allocated, and there’s no explanation of which offer or purchase occurred to generate the points.
Added to that - by the time the points are allocated, the details of the offer have disappeared from their emails/apps, making it near impossible to keep track of.
I’ve given up trying to “account” for them, but I’d encourage people to contact Woolies to improve their transparency on this issue.

@BuyerBeware, welcome to the community.

We haven’t had this problem when boosting through the App. The boosted points appear immediately on the docket at purchase.

In years gone by when boosts were activated through clicks in emails, we found the awarding of the bonus points weren’t instantaneous like they are today when one activates the boost through the App.

The challenge with the app is checking regularly as boost offers can appear at any time. If one doesn’t check the App regular and since boost point offer products are those one commonly purchases, it is easy to miss out on points.

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