Woolworths Metro Coffee promotion

For some time Woolworths Metro has run a promotion offering a free coffee for any single spend of over $30. If your shop qualified, a bar code would print on the docket, with:

“Spend $30, receive one free coffee
Valid until 01/01/24
Available from selected Woolworths Metro stores only.”

I’ve been staying with my daughter this week, because she’s been unwell. She’s accumulated a bunch of these dockets so that I can grab a coffee from the Metro next door when I stay. Today, I went to collect one, having grabbed them since Saturday, only to be told “We’re no longer accepting dockets, you have to use the app now. They changed it a couple of days ago.”

I pointed out that the docket made no reference to any other terms and conditions, so she made me a coffee anyway, but it’s pretty dodgy, albeit a small beer “first world problem”.

I don’t load apps like these on my phone…They’re just not trustworthy enough.

On the other hand, If I’m going to pay $4+ for a coffee, I’ll walk to a cafe and hopefully get better coffee. Metro’s coffee is OK, but not worth paying full cafe prices for.


Do you have a copy of the receipt you can share?

The Woolworths website states:

Once you have scanned your Everyday Rewards Card and spent $30 in one shop, your free hot beverage will automatically be loaded to your Everyday Rewards Card. You will be notified on your paper or digital receipt that you are eligible for the offer.

It appears the way it works is the free coffee is loaded onto one’s Everyday Reward card and the card is used to redeem the free coffee. One need to present their rewards card (physically or electronically through the app) to redeem the offer.


Yes, it also says they can change their terms and condition without notice. It doesn’t say that on the receipt. It may well be on the card. It’s still annoying.

Hopefully, she’ll be better in a couple of days, and I can go home to “coffee heaven” and make decent coffee :wink: