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Woolworths have a deal on EBay where they are selling eVouchers to use on their online shopping site. The deal ends today 26/8/18 and the eVouchers are good until 26/8/21. If you buy the $170 one you pay $150, the $240 you pay $200 and the $350 you pay $300. You can buy up to 3 eVouchers and only one can be used each time you shop and they can only be used on the online Woolworths Shop and not at any ordinary store.

Sounds reasonably good so far but then some of the terms hit you… You must use the eVoucher only once and if there is any remaining value it is forfeited ie if you spend $60 of the $170 the remaining $110 is lost to you and Woolworths gets the benefit. The eVouchers value remaining cannot be converted to cash. They allow you to use the eVoucher when you spend $30 or more on a “Pick up” order or $50 or more on a “Home Delivery” order. So if you did the “minimum only” spend you, on a $170 voucher, would lose $140 on a pick up order or $120 on a “Home Delivery” order, with the eVoucher purchase taken into account this means you really lost $120 for pickup or $100 for delivery. Yep a great saving NOT.

"Woolworths Terms and conditions:

  • The value of the Woolworths eVoucher (“eVoucher”) is $170. This value is single-use only and must be redeemed on www.woolworths.com.au (‘Woolworths Online’) in one transaction during the Redemption Period. Minimum spend requirements apply. Any balance of the eVoucher not used in the transaction will be forfeited and will not be able to be used for a further transaction.
  • eVouchers are non-refundable for change of mind.
  • Only one(1) eVoucher can be used per transaction at Woolworths Online.
  • eVouchers may be redeemed for orders placed at Woolworths Online from 10:00 AEST 13/08/2018 to 23:59 AEST 26/08/2021 (‘Redemption Period’). eVouchers cannot be used in-store at Woolworths, they can only be redeemed at Woolworths Online.Your eVoucher will cease to be valid if it is not redeemed during the Redemption Period.
  • Your eVoucher will be sent to the email address associated with the eBay account used to purchase the eVoucher within 3 business days of purchase.
  • To redeem your eVoucher, enter the eVoucher code (specified in the eVoucher email) during the Redemption Period at the online checkout (in the ‘Promo code’ field) at Woolworths Online when you spend: (a) $30 or more for a Pick Up order or (b) $50 or more for a Home Delivery order. Note that any balance of the eVoucher not used in the transaction will be forfeited.
  • A maximum of three (3) eVouchers are able to be purchased per eBay account.
  • The value of the eVoucher cannot be used on Woolworths Flowers, delivery charges(including bag and crate services fees), Delivery Saver items, tobacco/smoking products, gift cards, egift cards, mobile recharge products, mobile phones and products, Woolworths Mobile products, travel cards and tickets.
  • Bag fees and crate service fees apply for Pick up and Delivery orders.
  • Your eVoucher cannot be used with a Woolworths Online business account (i.e. an account with an ABN or Business Name).
  • The eVoucher cannot be used in conjunction with any other Woolworths or eBay offer,promotional code and/or discount.
  • Any refunds for items purchased using eVouchers via Woolworths Online will be issued as credit for use at Woolworths Online at a later time.
  • Any unused amount remaining on the eVoucher cannot be converted to cash.
  • Your Woolworths Online order is subject to available delivery areas, delivery windows and collection areas. Available delivery and collection times will vary between areas.
  • Orders placed at Woolworths Online may be cancelled by Woolworths without notice toyou if the above terms and conditions are not adhered to.
  • eVouchers may be cancelled by eBay or Woolworths if payment has been declined.
  • All orders on Woolworths Online are subject to the Woolworths Online terms and conditions available on Woolworths Online. All capitalised terms in these terms and conditions that are not otherwise defined herein are defined on Woolworths Online."

The eVoucher cannot be used to pay for Woolworths Flowers, delivery charges(including bag and crate services fees), Delivery Saver items, tobacco/smoking products, gift cards, egift cards, mobile recharge products, mobile phones and products, Woolworths Mobile products, travel cards and tickets. So if you thought I will get some Woolworth Giftcards to use up the extra you are SOOL as anyway that might seem feasible to get that extra value is quickly quashed in those T&Cs.


Wow, what a shocker @grahroll. Hate to think that people may purchase these and lose their money for no benefit :pensive:


I suspect that some/many of those who purchased the evouchers didn’t read the T&Cs. And will potentially be stung at the hip pocket.

When I first perused the information, I thought what a fantastic offer- over 10% off). …but soon realised that we would never make a purchase equal to or more than the smallest evoucher value being offered.

It is a bit concerning when a retailer either understands the potential impact of partial evoucher use and sees it as an opportunity, or didn’t think about the impact before launching into the campaign. I expect Woolworths possibly thought they will be targeting high value shoppers, which is all good and well, but at the same time it will unexpectedly also trap low shopping trolley value shoppers.


Woolworth’s eVouchers - A Shonky candidate for sure!


This seems breathtakingly deceitful - they’d have to talk very hard and fast to convince me this wasn’t a deliberate ploy to liberate cash from people who don’t read the fine print - how else could you explain any ‘logic’ behind the inability to use the full amount you’d paid for?

Without question.


There was a similar offer before christmas last year and I bought some vouchers expecting some larger than normal shopping. The money was taken from my credit card but the vouchers never arrived. Woolworth did not respond at all online via the ebay link and referred me back to ebay when I contacted them directly. Ebay would not help and i finally got a refund from my Credit card provider (Commonwealth Bank) after I submitted the email history. STAY AWAY!


Was it a Woolworth’s one or a scam. We have been receiving spam/scam from various sources recently about cheap shopping vouchers, only to find after some hunting that they were scams.

It is always best to only click on links through a Woolworth’s website rather than from an unsolicited email as the later most likely will be a scam. If unsure, check with the retailer of its validity.

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It looked exactly like this offer I received the order confirmation and payment receipt and it all looks genuine. I have bought eGiftcards from Woolworths directly without any problems and will not touch another eBay offer. I enclose the answer I got from Woolworths:

Fri, 1 Dec 2017, 08:18
to me

Hi Regina,

Thank you for contacting Woolworths Gift Cards team.

To assist you in regards to your Egift you purchased through Ebay, we request you to contact Ebay for assisting you.

Our systems would not be having any informations for the ordered gift card.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us on 1300 10 1234 (option 03). We are available from 8am to 8pm (AEST) Monday to Friday, and 9am to 5pm (AEST) on Saturday and Sunday. We are also available via our websites, www.woolworthsmoney.com.au and www.everydaygiftcards.com.au"

Kind regards,

Customer Service Representative
Woolworths Gift Cards
1300 101 234

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I picked up a $350 e voucher the other week for $300. Needed groceries right away -didn’t realise it took 3 days to receive. Contacted them and they immediately sent it out. Very happy as I got $50 worth of groceries for nothing.

Can’t complain about that.