Woolworths' environmental claims land it in Federal Court

The ACCC has launched legal action over the supermarket’s ‘biodegradable’ bowls, plates and cutlery.

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The ECO range of products are the subject of an ACCC case that alleges that “false, misleading or deceptive” environmental claims on the packaging of Woolworths’ home-branded ‘W Select Eco’ range of picnic products have misled Australian shoppers."

The ECO range includes among other things cutlery.

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There are a lot of other products around and available in most retailers which make similar claims about compostability/biodegradability of ‘plastic’ products…from bags to containers etc. Hope the ACCC has the will to take on all rather than singling out/making an example of Woolies.


Woolworths Have bins to “recycle plastic bags” these were proved to end up in landfill in Qld.
Woolworths had salespeople offering ‘free phones’ which turned out to be a dodgy deal with OPPO and Not free.
Woolworths seem comfortable about blatant lies.

Not quite.

Yes, the GPS receiver used by the ABC’s war in waste team ended up at a landfill site at Swanbank, Queensland. The GPS ended up there but there is only circumstantial evidence the all plastic bags also ended up there. It is possible that Woolies removed the plastic bag containing the GPS thinking it was contamination.

The second GPS went through the Visy plant at Fisherman’s Island in Brisbane and ultimately ended up mixed with soft plastic recycling waste/facility in China before disappearing.

From mid year, all Woolies stores will be joining the Redcycle program where the soft plastics are recycled in Australia…like some of the existing Coles stores.


Latest update to the Eco-plastic products…

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