Woolies product expansion!

Just noticed today in Woolies that their old 175g Savings brand of salty Barbecue blasts biscuits are still available for $1.40 per pack. These are being sold alongside the new packs branded with just their new Woolies logo. These new packs are also available for $1.40 each, but contain 200g instead of 175g.

The strange thing (apart from getting more product for your money) is that the serving size goes up from 12 biscuits to 14 biscuts. But inconsistent serving sizes probably requires its own topic.

Whilst on the subject of product expansion, Bhuja mix is advertising that they now have some larger packs. Maybe this is a new trend and if it catches on, it will be more welcome than the masses of product shrinkages we’ve been witnessing over the last several years.


Good to see some products growing in value instead of shrinking. Thanks for sharing @hitspacebar


If you want to hear the opposite of food sizes getting larger i can send through a picture of roast beef purchased from iga ok i really think it was ripped off with how much it cost to buy it.? it was $4.95 i think from memory for only 80g of meat sliced.This has to been down sizing of the worst ive ever seen ok.

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Woolies shows $3 each or 2 for $5. Only $37.50 kg in quantity 1, or as you may have paid, $67/kg! It is appalling how much prepacked anything can be for a small quantity.

The deli counter is much cheaper and whether or not one feels badly getting staff to shave a few slices and wrap and label them, only about $2 and it sustains their job.

Enough must feel the convenience or having a sealed pack with a best by date is worth the markup.

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