Woolies Mobile Plans & Car Insurance Shonkies

Woolies are advertising that consumers who sign up for their mobile plans will receive 10% off a grocery shop once per month.


They pull the same stunt with their car insurance.


No mention of the fact that everyone with a Woolworths Rewards card is offered the same 10% discount once every month.

Talk about misleading and deceptive conduct.



Fred, can you clarify this? I have an everyday rewards card, but not mobile or insurance. I’ve never been offered this monthly 10% discount - how do you get it and how did you find out about it?


You need to have a Woolworths credit card, see…


At times in the past, Woolworths also ran customer specific promotions which included discounts, additional reward points or free products. I am unsure if similar offers are still being made to individual reward card holders.


‘Joining Woolies’ to get all their perks is probably more onerous than being assimilated by Google itself.

In addition to the come-ons to buy their mobiles, insurances, cards, and just groceries, there are ‘points boosters’ to encourage purchases of specific products, an occasional buy $XXX in one or more shops for one or more weeks and get YYY bonus points, not counting the (typically) 4% discount offered by many partners to buy Woolies gift cards.

Flybuys is ‘competitive’ so it is not just Woolies.

I admit to always ‘boosting’ everything that comes in my inbox from both camps, but I don’t read most of them. If one welds onto Woolies or Flybuys there can be significant savings for the trouble, but at some point the onslaught of ‘sell sell sell’ and ‘buy buy buy’ becomes a turn off and mindless noise to attract me, and much of it is offered as what is essentially a ‘sale price between sales’.

I get ‘accidental points’ rather than seek them out these days…


It seems to me that Fred is claiming the 10% for holders of an everyday rewards card, not the credit card.

From the other thread:

Clearly the discount for being a credit card holder is also advertised (as per your link).

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Add it to the shonky award list. I won’t buy a mobile plan. In fact i was looking at woolworths mobile plan previously so glad i didn’t. Thank god to other members honestly.

I get 10% off with my online Woolies shopping, but not in store because I don’t have (or want) a Woolies CC. Get 10% off your shop once a month | Woolworths Cards

It is a trap for the unwary… I don’t much care about points. I only ever got a rewards card because at the time you were getting 10% off your mobile prepaid. They keep changing it, but its been 10% off your online shop for a year at least. I like it because for my shopping, it knocks out the delivery fee. So its Woolies monthly and Coles for small shops because their delivery fees are so low.

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Sue, again your link is 10% only for holders of a woolies credit card, which you state you don’t have or want…

Are you suggesting that using the code for 10% off for credit card holders works if you aren’t a credit card holder?

No. And I dont have Woolies mobile anymore anyway, signal has completely died here.