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Woman Misses Out On $17,000 Prize

An article regarding an Aussie woman who correctly guessed the mystery flavour of a new variety of Pringles but entered her answer on the wrong website.

Whilst Pringles may be right regarding the technicality, it does not auger very well for a multi-national company who would hardly miss the $17,000.

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It is possible under the permit/licence for the competition, that only NZ nationals were allowed to enter the NZ competition. If this was the case and they paid her any money, Pringles may be in breach of licence conditions and NZ laws.

She should have checked what website she was on and what terms and conditions applied to her entry.


That is ironic that a researcher would overlook a details like the URL address 60+ times.

I agree that Pringles could provide some substantial gift “in good faith” even though she didn’t comply with the conditions.

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Maybe a box of the new mystery flavour Pringles…


A childhood friend’s father was a physicist on the Manhattan Project. You could have tied him on his back in the middle of a stadium with his eyelids sewn open and he would get no better than 50-50 on whether it was cloudy.

One reason some researchers are good at what they do is their tunnel vision. Other times that makes them dysfunctional.


A follow-up article regarding Pringles doing the right thing.

No mention of how the prize changed from $17,000 in the first article to $10,000 now.