Wireless Keyboards

I have a Macbook, but am looking for a cheap wireless keyboard for when I want to use a second screen. I am happy with my Logitec wireless keyboard (which I use and will have to replace soon), but unhappy with its price.

I found an alternative to Logitec at Officeworks being J.Burrows Bluetooth Keyboard Silver keyboard, selling for $20.
Does anyone know of its reliability? Many online reviews are very poor, but how do I know if they are honest or penned by other vendors or manufacturers?
I can’t seem to find any references to wireless keyboards on choice.com.au


I have a MS Bluetooth Designer keyboard (& mouse) which works well - soft, quiet, full sized (with keypad) thin and reasonably stable on smooth surfaces. I use this with my tablet.

I have a Logitech wireless keyboard K270 (mouse M185) which came with my desktop. It is rattly, noisy, slides around and has to be within sight of the dongle which takes up a forward facing USB (won’t connect if it is in one of the back ones). I got so annoyed with the constant rattle and thump that I bought a MS Bluetooth keyboard and mouse to replace it.

Both need two AAA - batteries, but these last a long time in the MS Keyboard, not so long in the Logitech, even with an on/off switch (MS is on all the time). I can’t help with any others.

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Thanks for the feedback.
You confirm my view that Bluetooth devices are far superior to those using a USB dongle. What I need to know - and I appreciate you have not used the Burrows - is, given the large price difference b/w say the J. Burrows Bluetooth and say Logitec - bearing in mind that macOS keyboards are pricier than non macOS devices - how reliable is the $20 Burrows?
I did look at some MS keyboards, but none were macOS compatible. Thanks again.

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Yes, the reviews are mixed.

Officeworks has been reasonable when returning items that don’t perform as advertised. They also have a change of mind policy as well…


It may be worth playing with it in store, and if its size and keystoke appear okay, buying one to use. Carefully open packaging so it isn’t damaged and use carefully for a few days to see how it performs. If no good, carefully repackage and return under their change of mind policy. Key considerations to meet their policy are…

Change of Mind Returns – 30 Days

If you have changed your mind about your purchase, Officeworks will be pleased to offer you a refund or exchange provided that:

  • You return the item within 30 days of purchase
  • You produce a satisfactory proof of purchase (being your original register receipt or online proof of purchase, such as a tax invoice)
  • The item is in re-saleable condition, including its original packaging (if any), is unused and as sold

If the packaging is damaged or there is evidence it has been used, change if mind won’t apply…however, if it doesn’t perform as advertised, the ACL consumer guarantee applies.


I did not think of your suggestion of playing in the store with the device.
Yes, I agree that Officeworks are great when it comes to returns and price matching.


Thanks. I tried your suggestion in store and it did not work.
When I got home I was about to put the keyboard in the car (to return it) when I thought, why not try it out?
I opened the box and lo and behold there were no batteries in the device, even though the packaging indicates 2 x AAA are included.

I found spare batteries at home, put them in the device and a minute or two later, it worked perfectly. The bluetooth connected seamlessly.

Later that week, with my receipt I returned to Officeworks mentioning the absence of batteries and suggested to staff that I take the two batteries from another similarly boxed keyboard, and was given the OK on the spot.

This proves yet again that with many devices, previously I had an issue with an iPad, that in any batch of electronic goods, there will always be lemons.

Just hope you’re not its buyer, or if so, ensure you stick to the Big players, Apple, Officeworks, David Jones etc because they always are easier to deal with than smaller players.