Wired security cameras

I am involved in setting up security for a men’s shed in an industrial area. I thought security cameras would be useful, but think wired would be a better long term solution for our setup. I noted the wireless review but would appreciate a wired review.


It may also be useful to see a guide produced that considers the advantages and disadvantages of wired vs wireless and cameras vs intrusion detection.

A further consideration is by whom and how is the monitoring going to be managed. For a ‘public’ or member group facility where cameras are continuously recording activity, privacy concerns and legal requirements may need to be discussed.

I recollect at least one DIY system we considered previously came within wired Ethernet cameras as an option. It may be a very limited home owner market.

One major brand has a summary of the options.



Another aspect for wired products are the various laws requiring licensed cable installers, hence the market for wired vs wireless is going to be different, as is the cost for installation. Both varieties might also need sparkies involved for power, product dependent, although ethernet connected cameras will likely use power over ethernet technology.

With recognition how Choice selects products to test while wired security might be interesting, it might be too small a market of Choice readers to justify. Only Choice can address whether that is the case.


Thanks for your comments. I have had both wired and wireless security alarms in the past for my home. My current wired system was from Aldi about 5 years ago, I installed myself. Very simple as you suggest with Ethernet cables, and apart from the first system not working, the replacement has been faultless. That is apart from poor picture quality. The whole system (4 cameras, recorder and cables) only cost $200 so I didn’t expect a lot. We have an electrician as a shed member so Wiring is not a problem but I think with many “shedders” there maintenance of peripheral batteries will be possibly ignored. Picture quality is one of my queries.


And potentially that a night/poor light conditions.