Wine fridges review

As part of our fridge testing regime, CHOICE has completed a wine fridge review (member content). We’ve also put together a wine fridge buying guide to help you decide on the best wine fridge for your needs.

Share your experiences with wine fridges, ask a question or leave a comment below.


Why were we not invited to test and confirm the quality of the wine after a suitable cellaring period in each fridge? That is the true test :smiley:


:joy: We have actually tested wine before at CHOICE, but it was wine critics and sommeliers who I believe provided the critical data.


If you are referring to the 2012 sparkling test, could I be so presumptuous to think you might have started a red test at the same time, and it is ongoing?


Haha, well the occasional test is in order, for a good cause of course.


My wine storage is made from pine which is vaguely similar to a small bookshelf and has semi-circular cutouts at regular intervals.

The wine bottles rest in these semi-circular cutouts until needed. Their rest is usually ‘brief’, after all, one needs to make space for the next case delivery …

I can’t imagine spending hundreds let alone thousands on anything more fancy …


Being a paper magazine subscriber only, I can’t see the results. But I believe power costs of wines fridges are very high -
one of the reasons which stops me from buying one.


[quote=“Janette, post:7, topic:14820, full:true”]
[…] But I believe power costs of wines fridges are very high […][/quote]

Thousands. The two recommended were 1900 and 3489 !! Think of all the wine you could buy for that, plus the running costs … I have to reckon fridges are for people without a cellar who collect wine but don’t drink it … which is apparently a thing.

The next thing Choice should do is a review on the tasting differences between types of glasses - for both wine and malt whiskey - at least then I’d have a good idea whether it’s worth using one rather than drinking straight from the bottle (joking of course !!! well mostly :wink: )


Hi Brendan,

Are you aware of a reliability issue with Vintec wine cellars? I have had one replaced two years after purchase and here I am several years down the track with the same problem. It doesn’t stay cool.

A quick search online has shown many Vintec owners with the same problem. Leaked gas and beyond economical repair to have leaks fixed and re-gassed.

Given this is a luxury type product with a rather luxury price, I am disgusted that it’s lifespan is under 10 years, realistically under 5.

Your advice would be appreciated.