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Windows 10 updating



Windows 10 just keeps getting better.

Every time I have needed to install Canon printer drivers, I have downloaded them off the Canon website, and then usually experienced dramas with the software not being able to detect the printer.

Yesterday I needed to connect to the Canon printer our elder daughter has and as I was not sure if it was already installed on our laptop, I went to print and checked what printers were available.

Windows 10 detected the Canon printer and asked if I wanted to install it. It then toddled off and automatically downloaded and installed the drivers, and it was ready to print in a matter of minutes.

It sure beats having to visit the Canon website and getting the run-around with the installation.



Doing the Windows update type install is much easier, but be aware that drivers may not be the full kit and kaboodle. My experience is that Windows only installs the basic print etc drivers, but if you have say a Multi Function Printer (MFP), it doesn’t install all the apps to fully utilise all the functions of the printer/scanner/etc.

To get full functionality for MFPs, you need to get the Original Equipment Manufacturer’s drivers and apps, whether it is from a disc or from their website.


Honestly Windows 10 gets too much of a bad rap. If you spend some time poking at the settings it’s the most customizable OS in existence (unless you’re good with Linux and programming)


For those with PC’s, there is linux (techie and infinitely customisable), Windows (what you wrote), and what else? Chrome OS is based on linux and is not as much an operating system as a web app.

Conclusion, Windows is 2nd of 2, there is no viable 3, so you are correct :smiley:


I’m comparing all OSs across ALL devices, including past versions of Windows


Wow - that’s a lot of OS’s and a lot of devices … I still prefer RSTS/E V7 over any version of Microsoft Windows, though the machines I used it on were a little less portable than IBM PC’s and Compatibles … Plan 9 had potential :wink:


I would go with SCOPE, SCOPE2 or NOS myself remembering real users used line commands and that mode was strictly enforced :wink: