Widespread consumer ignorance about beauty industry animal testing

I’m interested to hear what people think about the prevalence of animal testing in the beauty industry and the widespread ignorance that is out there publicly about it? I am not vegan so some may say a huge hypocrite (although only buy ethically-produced toiletries and cosmetics from trusted sources) but almost every mainstream cosmetic brand is still involved in animal testing in some way and I genuinely think most people have no idea that their products are so unethical. With the success of the recent free range egg campaign and app, maybe the beauty industry needs taking to task next?


I have been looking at animal testing in the beauty industry lately and trying to slowly replace ALL my current products with brands that do not animal test. It is a very slow process though as a lot of the brands come under another name and the search functions generally don’t recognise the common name. I would also like to see this industry outed as there is no reason that animal testing is required in this industry as is proved by all the brands that don’t. This is one area where each individual can make a difference.


I have been doing this for awhile. Many of the brands who claim not to do animal testing, have a small exclusion (except when required by regulation). This is code for “if we want to sell into China we have to test on animals”. I was a long time Clinique user, but have abandoned it for this reason.

The PETA website is very useful in this regard. I am also a bit of a hypocrite as I am not vegetarian, however I think condemning animals for non essential products is a step too far.

I have moved to Aesop for shampoos and conditioners and Lush for skin products and Arbonne for cosmetics. There really are a lot of choices if you check PETA.


Yes, it really is completely unnecessary in this day and age. I have come across a great blog/site called Nourished Life who focus on organic/vegan products.


I have been choosing ethical products for years. I started using the PETA certified list, and then as things ‘ran out’ i would replace them with an ethical alternative.

Its honestly no more expensive to choose ethical and untested on animals. That being said, I agree that consumers are often unaware that they are buying from unethical companies.

Unsurprisingly, this is because many of the companies choose their words and their structures incredibly wisely. Many have been known to test on animals under the guise of ‘we don’t test on animals’ but their products are tested on animals by 3rd parties. Many ‘need to’ to be able to sell in certain markets, such as China (although that is in the process of changing apparently). Just because its not tested on animals under their roof, doesn’t make it cruelty free, but that wording hides that little detail.

I don’t think its a matter of ignorance, but its very hard to actually prove that companies are lying or selling half truths, without risking massive law suits.


I buy most of my products from Nourished Life too, such a great website and source of information. Haven’t found a good ethical/vegan shampoo and conditioner yet though!

Hi, not sponsored or anything, but i have heard great things about Hot Tresses (based in QLD). I know they are vegan, and are the next brand for me to try when my current (not vegan) one runs out.

I believe Australia is about to ban animal testing for all beauty brands from July 2017, so you will notice that a lot of brands are already getting onboard.
However the ignorance is in the fact that international brands who claim to be CrueltyFree still abide by Chinese laws of animal testing so that they are able to sell to the Chinese market. I think this is deceitful and by now they should have found a way to sell their products without testing on animals. This includes Estee Lauder, MAC, Benefit, Loreal, Rimmel, last goes on. Basically if available in China, they animal test to abide by Chinese laws.


The only way this will stop is when people understand what is really going on behind the scenes and are disgusted and appalled by it. Things only change by people power. So that means getting the information out there, something the industries dread.

There are many ethically produced beauty products that are not only good for animals, but for us too. These tend to be more truthful, too.

We need to take responsibility for our actions. If we teach our children to, then shouldn’t we be setting an example?

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Nutrimetics does not test on animals, they test the products on their own Nutrimetics Consultants, do a blind consumer test, and then publish their results… so when you read their Testimonials, they all come from people that have tried and tested the products on themselves!! What a wonderful way to do things, and no animals get hurt from this type of product testing!!

I use AVON. They sellers everywhere and they come to you with their latest catalogue.

Does this law cover Australian-made products only?

Completely agree…even Aldi who sell themselves as cruelty free all over their website, but don’t mention that they participate in the mandatory animal testing in China. Very deceitful and I genuinely don’t think a lot of people have any idea at all.

Also I know that the Australian government is running a consultation on banning animal testing currently but not sure if there any firm plans to do it as yet? I might be wrong though.

I could certainly be wrong on this, but I understand that all cosmetic products sold in Australia are required to undergo animal testing.

Yes Fred you are wrong!

This is NOT the case here in Australia.

Ah - thanks njf.

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