Why don't external links open in a new page?

Clicking a URL posted on this forum opens the new website in the same window, thus removing me from Choice Community. This is a first world problem and I will form a new habit of right-clicking if I need to, but I was just curious if there was a reason why the external URL doesn’t open in a new tab like most other websites. If this is an opportunity for smarter website design, go for gold. Otherwise, I will learn a new habit of right-clicking the URLs! :slight_smile:

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Your ask is a good one, but are you aware CTRL-click also opens a new window in most browsers?

CTRL + click opens a new tab within the same window
SHIFT + click opens a new window

I guess it is terminology but thanks for the add-on. Shift+click opens a new browser, CTRL+click opens a new tab in the same browser. Depends on the result one wants and whether one considers a browser a window or not :wink:

I am an old guy from the ICT world since long before PCs or the internet was invented (I did use DARPAnet from its early days as well as Mosaic when it was first released) and appreciate the modernisations in terminology lobbed at me. Cheers,

Ah yes, I had forgotten about the old Shift + Click maneuver!

If you right-click on the link you’ll get the option to “open link in new tab or window”

There is a setting for this. Excellent!

Under your profile settings (click the menu up the top right) and look for “Open all external links in a new tab” in the preferences section.


Thanks @rimian! I was searching through the settings looking for email options earlier and stumbled across this option