Why does RACV sent paper cheques that cannot be banked

We sold our car that we had insured with RACV. We notified RACV online to cancel our car policy which they acknowledged the same day. We received a “bank cheque” posted to our home from RACV for the unused part of our premium of $1,159 payable to myself & my partner, (the policy was in joint names). When we tried to pay the cheque into our joint account with Bank Australia at their Melbourne branch we were told that the bank would no longer accept cheque deposits. They suggested we try Australia Post which declined to accept a cheque deposit as the cheque was payable to two people & I could only show a bank debit card in one name. Even showing our joint bank account statement was not acceptable as Aust Post needed to be able to electronically verify our account. I then walked to the Melbourne RACV retail store where the staff tried to find out what to do. Even when the staff member contacted their staff support service. I ended up leaving our joint bank details & the staff member advised that he would endeavor to have the cheque canceled and credited to our account.

So my complaint is why RACV only send refunds by cheque & not give policyholders the option of having a refund credited to their bank account.


Sorry to hear of your issues with your refund, but just a few months ago I cancelled a policy with the RACV and requested the refund to be credited to my bank account. There was no problem at all.
The cancellation and the request were done over the phone.


The problem with RACV is that their website does not give an option to ask for payment to be into a bank account. The only question asked is “why are you cancelling” for which a drop down box allows you to choose “Car sold”. Given that you can only access your online account via a password & text message code it seems their preferred way of communicating with members. I have not had a cheque account for over 10 years & the last time I received a cheque was also from RACV when we changed the address for a car from the city to the country & received a prorata refund. But at that time Bank Australia was accepting paper cheque deposits. We are still waiting for RACV to credit our bank account with the $1,159 refund.

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