Why do they discontinue our favourite beauty products?

It takes a long time for a girl to find that ‘just right’ beauty product: the face cream or makeup foundation that’s not too dry or too oily for her, or that lipstick shade that doesn’t make her look sickly. And then, suddenly, it’s no longer available, even though it’s been a popular product.

I used to hate wearing lipstick until I found a particular colour that made me look pretty, everyone said.
When that particular shade went on sale, I recognised the dreaded sign that it was to be discontinued!
Bought a couple, they’re still unopened, there was no point wearing lipstick under a mask, and now wonder how long will it keep before it gets spoiled and why does this always happen to my favourite cosmetics !!


I have had the dreaded experience of a make up company changing the formula on one of their products and it no longer sits well on my skin. To this day I haven’t been able to find a similar dupe of my holy grail eye liner.

Maybe writing and rating the product on their website could be beneficial for the product to be on the market for longer?


One of the discontinued lipsticks I stocked-up on, maybe 2 years ago, is showing a few discolouration spots.
It’s unopened and in a clear hard plastic capsule.
Wonder if it’s still safe to use. :thinking:

I don’t use makeup, but I have this problem with shampoo. So annoying.

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Please explain what the problem is?

change of recipe or dumped from market. would have thought that was obvious

I thought that you were replying to @Gaby so it made no sense.