Why can I pay account by credit card via phone but not through bank

I find this subject frustrating: I can not pay Telstra via visa card (through my bank) But can use the credit card to pay via phone or direct debit. I have been told by the Customer service person that this is to protect the client not to become over committed on their credit card???
Just Telstra I guess, the worst company in the world to deal with. Due to where I live I have to use Telstra.
Their customer service is dismal.


I pay Telstra online using my credit card. Just go to your Telstra account, “pay bill” and it allows you to pay by credit card. It will even store your credit card details (not displayed fully on screen, just enough to identify it). I have had no problems with this

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Just have to be patient with Telstra - I think they have same staff or types as when owned by taxpayer, so public service type public relations which is dismal to say the least. They take pride in being difficult offering no help and making your day miserable. Has to be as anyone will tell you this is outcome.

I’ve been with them since 1972 and still get same sort of silly arguments now as then as they change things to suit their left wing ways. I just let them debit my credit card these days to keep them happy and me too, not having to deal with them.

You can set up direct debit to a credit card in your Telstra account online too…

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I agree with you about Telstra’s poor service but all the Telcos seem to have poor customer reviews. I do direct debit my telstra bill to my credit card no problems so far.

I pay all my Telstra bills with PayPal.

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