Who is responsible for problems ? Flight Centre or Airline

We booked perth to london business class with flight centre
The mix of airlines was
Perth to KL - Malindo Air
KL to London - Oman Air

Oman Air were fantastic and great value for money

We had 3 major problems with Malindo Air
The plane from Perth to KL was a Boeing 737 took off at 01.00 am which was why we booked Business Class
My seat was broken. It would not recline at all. I was sat vertical for 6 hours.
There was no inflight entertainment screens in tge whole of business class
Who is responsible for compensating me ?
Flight Centre as it was the who i paid for the trip or Malindo Air ?
Thank you


It will be the airline you need to contact with your complaint. It would be argued that FlightCentre has no control over the airline and the quality of the service the airline provides.

Malindo Air contact details can be found here:



As @phb advised above Flightcentre do not control the airline.

The lack of facilities and the poor state of repair are certainly things that should be taken up with the airline. You could also inform Flightcentre of the issues as they may take up your complaints with the airline company so that in future other passengers are not also affected/afflicted. Notifying Flightcentre may also cause them to look at their relationship with the company and in the end as a result they may no longer offer them as a choice unless changes are made.

If you are concerned with any safety issues arising from the lack of maintenance I also encourage you to contact the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (https://www.atsb.gov.au/) and/or the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) (https://www.casa.gov.au/) about your concerns.