White goods energy consumption table

Seeing those stickers on white goods that tell us how much energy a product uses is helpful, but what energy consumption is good for each major category such as fridges, washing machines, microwaves? Should we be aiming for a minimum of 3 stars, or 4 stars, or more. Are the stars comparable across product categories, that is, are 4 stars for a fridge the same as 4 stars for a washing machine or dryer?


I know that energy usage will vary, for example based on fridge sizes, but Choice groups them into size groups, so the energy consumption could also be grouped in the same way.

Is there one @BrendanMays @jhook or would it be possible to produce a reference table for major appliance groups, showing a range of what is deemed acceptable up to what is efficient energy consumption? With the increased focus on right to repair and repurpose, this would be particularly useful when buying second-hand goods not reviewed by Choice.


Thanks @meltam, good suggestion. I’ll pass your comments to our content team.

Not quite an overall table, but here is some of the ‘best vs worse’ appliances for home energy use: