Whirlpool appliances

Our friends at Which? in the UK found some serious issues with some Whirlpool appliances earlier in 2016. Now, there have been reports of a tumble dryer blaze.

We’re currently investigating whether there have been any issues in Australia. If you have any experience with Whirlpool appliances, please share them in the comments below.

I have had a Whirlpool front-loading washing machine originally recommended by Choice for over 10 years now and it has been brilliant.


I have a Whirlpool top loading washing machine which was great for the first 6 years or so, but now leaves tonnes of lint all over the clothes which is really hard to get off. The problem is there is no lint filter to clean, so a repairman has told me there is nothing he can do. The machine goes great but I have to get a new washer! Bummer!

Had a washing machine and dryer in the USA for years with no problems. One of the commercials they showed was a Whirlpool repairman in the dumps because of no call outs for repairs.
It was one of the leading names in washers and dryers.

We’ve had a Whirlpool front loader for a few years. It was a lemon from day 1, and surface rust is now evident. Requests for repairs to the loading door lock were ignored by Whirlpool and I’d have to say their after sales service, and willingness to stand behind their product, were appalling. I will never again purchase a Whirlpool product, and I would recommend that purchasers choose another, more reliable brand.

We put in a new kitchen around 7-years ago, Ikea, great kitchen, and we then filled it with Whirpool appliances from Ikea.
Integrated dishwasher, 2-door fridge freezer, 900mm oven & cooktop and integrated microwave. Prices below are from memory but roughly correct.
Oven - $1100 - constantly had problems, gas nozzles & regulator wouldn’t work, oven element kept burning out (violently exploded once), door wouldn’t close. After incredible hassles was replaced under warranty with a new model which then had all manner of hassles but they had forced us to sign a ‘no more claims’ agreement. Last repair (that we had to pay for) was nearly $400 to replace door hinges/springs as it wouldn’t seal (again). That repair worked for about 1-month.
Dishwasher - $1100 - host of problems with functions not working & never once cleaning properly. Would just stop working for no explicable reason for a day & then work again. After about 4 years every single plastic part inside failed - cutlery basket, spinner arms, water supply - cost to replace? $400+. Needless to say we bought a new washer (Bosch, $550 on special, and it was awesome).
Fridge - $1000 - multiple service calls virtually from day-one. Everything from light globes blowing to ice blocking pipes. Never worked properly. Only way you could get it to stay cold enough (fridge & freezer) was to run it on max setting & even then temperature would vary from day-to-day regardless of use level.
Microwave - $650 - Just plain flaky. Heating levels seemed to vary. You could never get the same result twice. Example - bag of microwave popcorn would take 2-minutes (as the recommend) or 2:30 or 1:30…
Clock would just randomly reset itself back to 0:00 so was no point in setting it.
The ‘support’ from Whirlpool was just appalling. Quiet possibly the worst we have ever received.
We would NEVER buy Whirlpool again & would recommend to anyone that they avoid them at all costs.