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Which toilet paper *should* you buy?

Lovely toilet paper reviews, but my guess is that the focus is on product quality (fair enough). How well do those products compare ethically? Which toilet paper should we buy?

I’m willing to sacrifice some cheek-feel or wipe performance to minimise the impact on the environment or to support an NFP or B corp.



Would you post your proposed rating score and testing methodology for that evaluation please?


Choice has recently updated its reviews of toilet paoer and their website covers some of the eco claims made by the manufacturers.

It might be a good place to start…


We’ve updated our toilet paper review and provide some advice on the best toilet paper and some to avoid.


The full review is also a very useful guide.

We used to purchase Sorbent brand then switched to Woolies before deciding to go all Australian. The Shop Ethical score in the reviews is a great new feature. It’s evident that supporting more ethical Australian suppliers does not need to compromise on performance/quality.

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