Which rubbish bin liners are the strongest?

I’m sick of kitchen bin liners that tear when you haul them out of the bin. Does anyone have any advice on which is the strongest - or can Choice do a test?


I’ve found Woolworths cheapies quite satisfactory. The ones we use are 80 x 70 cm black polythene with handle ties and come in a pack of 20. Our bin is 27 cm diameter x 53 cm deep (internal dimensions) and they just fit, so I don’t know how this correlates with Woolie’s dimensions. They occasionally get a small tear when lifting out if there is a sharp-cornered object in the bag, but it has not been a problem.


We have a small garbage bin where the Woolies scented flap tie has been our mainstay for years with nary a failure.

We also have a ‘large’ rubbish bin where the Woolies tie handle product has been far less than acceptable while the Coles competitor has been excellent. The Coles bag stretches over our bin’s lip if you don’t do it quickly whereas the equivalent Woolies will not stretch without ripping. Likewise the Coles bag seems to more forgiving of the content by stretching while the Woolies one will hole.

We have some heavy duty large size Multix bags that are obviously heavier and stronger than the Coles but do not use them except if we run out of the Coles (until we exhaust the supply that will not be replensihed); the price performance of the respective Woolies and Coles bags has been good for us.

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We have a Kimberley under bench/sink bin which we use for general waste (front bin) and recycled plastic (back bin).

While we use calico bags when shopping, we usually get the odd supermarket type plastic shopping bag which we use as a liner. The standard supermarket bags fit perfectly into the bin system we have. Occasionally the shopping bag will have a hole which means it is placed in recycled soft plastics before use and other bag sought.

As single use shopping bags have been/will be phased out in may states, it would be good if Choice did do a test on plastic bin liner bags say for small, medium and large kitchen bins. I expect the purchase of these will increase after bans are brought in.

I should also add that we generate about a bag of waste every month (we compost, work farm, recycle inc. soft plastics, and also bury bones where possible), and sometimes have to replace the bag not because it is full, but because it has an unfortunate odour coming from it.


Thanks for the request @lizjuniper, I’ll be sure to pass it on.


we have been using the single use shopping bags for as long as they have been around.

Now days they are getting thinner and most tend to have holes by the time we get home no matter how careful we are.

We use the ones in good condition for our bins and our compost bin. The less fortunate bags with holes we pass over to the local op shop for them to use when they sell stuff.


The Multix ones seem to be the toughest, in my experience. Good to know what else works (and doesn’t work) for people though.