Which is your favourite Christmas carol

To me, at this time of the year, nothing gives that feeling of “Christmas time is here” more than Christmas carols and Christmas songs.

The church I attend is going to present a choir, in the weeks leading up to Xmas, singing a few relatively modern ones ( including C. Tomlin’s).

What are your fav: something like Handel’s Messiah or songs like Jingle Bells?

I confess liking the old traditional carols, but find it easier to sing along the more modern ones.


The best ones are the commercial versions of carols played on the lo-fi at the supermarket. Caribou with illuminated body parts, jolly songs of overweight chimney sweeps who wear red and white, celebrations of December weather events that have only been experienced by a handful of international travellers and a young refugee family in backpacker accommodation being offered cash and perfume by three weird old dudes.

Even better are the chimes, bell ringers on drugs who can’t recall how the next change goes so they riff on the same one, indefatigable for hours, only ever to be interrupted by
“Tina, have a look at the spill in aisle four, no just bring the mop. On second thoughts get the pressure washer .”

Why? It saves me money. It helps you stay tense and focussed and working down your list so you can get out before you buy something you don’t need or lose control and attack an elf with the pressure washer.


Good on you @syncretic. :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:
You always manage to make me smile,
even today when I have an appointment with an nbn technician.


Your Choice, although Tim Minchin is hard to go past.

Although the imagery of the rusty Holden Ute is about as far removed from snow and pine trees as you can get and deserves a special mention.

One family member has already decided if you want snow and sleigh bells, a day long flight to Canada or better Europe in late December rates a good second. Mediterranean flooding and Arctic blizzards included. :wink:


Agree, there are many older and more modern carols that skip the thin jollity and embody the true spirit of Christmas, Christian themed or in the spirit of a better more human future. Less than four weeks and counting to seeing all the family together, bar one. :slightly_smiling_face:


" Hark the Herald Angel’s sing " and "Silent night " would be my favourites . As far as playing carols goes when I was with the orchestra , " The First Noel " and " Angels we have heard on high " or as it is often called "Gloria in Excelsis Deo " Latin for " Glory to God in the Highest " were the ones I enjoyed playing the most .


Bah Humbug I say… :smile:

My favourites:

Handel’s Messiah (all of it)
While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks
The First Noel
O Little Town Of Bethlehem
Far, Far Away On Judeas’ Plains
I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day
With Wondering Awe


I like angels we have heard on high…gloria…


I do love all of the old Christmas Carols that we sing in Church, as well as those played often on the radio that are not really carols, but Christmas songs such as “Driving Home for Christmas” as it was very applicable to my Dad when he worked away a lot.

Anything sung by Frank Sinatra will also get my vote!


I find it hard to listen to ‘the Messiah’ - I’ve heard it so many times, from such a young age - my father sang it in two different choirs - now he has gone it’s a little too emotional. I still like it.

I’m not that religious these days, but some songs still invoke strong memories …

Good King Wenceslas

God Rest You Merry, Gentlemen

A really well done ‘modern’ version …

O Come, O Come Emmanuel

and of course …

J.S. Bach - Weihnachtsoratorium BWV248

… there are so many …


I love O come O come Emmanuel, but the instrumental version by The Piano Guys is what I adore.

Pentatonix doing almost anything. If you never heard of them, they are an A Capella group and are just angelic.

Carol of the Bells

Mary Did you Know?

And Little Drummer Boy


Here’s another. I first heard this in 1963 when my dad bought an LP of Christmas songs, and Robert Goulet sang it. I now like Josh Groban’s version better.


Xmas cards?

I went to buy one for my sister yesterday and had to visit 3 newsagents,Big W, Harris Scarfe, Target Woollies & Coles to find anything remotely acceptable but still vastly inferior to previous years.

It appears that greeting cards are going the way of the dinosaurs, and what little there was had sold out more than a week before Xmas.

Extremely annoying.

Oops. I misread the topic as Xmas cards instead of Xmas carols.

I will have to check my collection of Kevin Bloody Wilson’s Xmas songs and advise.


I confess i have been sending electronic cards for about 15 years. I subscribe to jacquielawson.com