Which Clothes Dryer best for removing cat hair?

Which clothes dryer is best for removing cat hair? I’ve had a couple of recommendations: Miele or LG heat pump


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As for your issue with cat hair, I too suffer from that problem, being the owner of 2 rescue cats as well as a Belgian Shepherd - mind you, the dog’s hair is not as fine as the two cats and is much easier to remove from clothing.

I have found the best thing to do is to add some pure woollen balls to my clothes dryer and let them tumble around with the clothes. They are fairly cheap to buy but do check them all out as you can pay from $10 for 5 or 6 balls to $50 which is a bit ridiculous for what you need. I got mine from Ebay.
Here is a link for you:

I put these balls into every cycle and they pick up the majority of the cat hair but not all.

I also use half a cup of vinegar (cheap stuff from the supermarket) into every wash as it removes ALL odours and seems to loosen up the cat hair a bit.

If your clothes still have fur on them after drying, I dampen a clean sponge and wipe it off and the remaining hair comes off very easily.

Hope this helps you out with your problem! and hope to see you on the Forum again soon :slight_smile:
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Hi again Julie5

I forgot to mention that Tumble Dryer Sheets are also really good for removing cat hair from your clothes, particularly cotton sheets.
Here is an ebay link, but I get mine quite cheaply from the local Supermarket, I think Fluffy make them and they are sold near the Fabric Softener.
Hope this helps!

Sorry for not answering your question about “Which clothes dryer is best for removing cat hair” - perhaps someone else may be able to advise on this to assist you.
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